Life in the Friend Zone

The Friend Zone is a real place. It is like a cross between a boarding school and a hospital. And Dakota Fenway knows it all too well. She entered the friend zone for the first time when she was in fourth grade. She is one of the only girls. The Friend Zone is a mind set, not a physical place. It connects all the minds together who are in the friend zone and you stay there until you break away from the friend. You are told no one has ever broken through the friend zone into something more because it would upset the balance. Dakota has entered in the friend zone once again during her senior year two weeks before prom. She is determined to get her friend Harry Warren to see her as more then a good friend. And no one, not even the Heads of Fate, are going to stop her. Watch as she jumps between the real world and Friend Zone and adds her own sarcastic touch.


12. Camp Friend Zone (Prt 1 of 3)

    I woke up for the fifth day of summer. It still felt wierd, actually, to get up at a time other than six on a thursday. Unfortunately my body was used to waking up at six so as soon as I woke up and prayed it was ten, I saw that the clock read five thirty. And lucky me, because I was completely awake. I sighed and came past my brother's room to hear him snoring. Lucky him: all he had to do was close his eyes and he was out for the entire day. I came down and made a bowl of cereal, enjoying the silence in the home. I drank down the milk in the bowl then placed it in the dishwasher. I tied my hair up in a messy bun and grabbed a tea from the fridge before going back upstairs. After an hour of tumblr I got up and hopped in the shower. 
    Don't you just love when you get new shampoo and you can't wait till the next time you shower. In reality you are literally the only person who knows you have the new scent in your hair. I had just just bought raspberry shampoo and was super excited to try it out. I grabbed for it and when I looked at the bottle it read: Minty Fresh Curly Wurly Shampoo. I scowled. I knew she'd do this. You see, my sister Lydia had black curly hair. It was beautiful, but she hated it. My mom buys her this Curly Wurly shampoo that's supposed to smell good but actually smells like you washed your hair with mouthwash. So Lydia would switch my shampoo with hers then hide mine somewhere in her room. She used our parent's bathroom but always hid my shampoo in her room once she took it. I took the shampoo reluctantly and washed it through my hair. 
    When I stepped out of the shower, I was hacking from the minty scent. I took the shampoo and stomped out of the bathroom, dripping in the hallway as I came to Lydia's room. I threw open the door and all that could be seen of Lydia was her hair sprawling out on a pillow. I went through her drawers and found nothing. I checked under her bed: nothing. Where else could it be. Suddenly my eyes landed on a picture book Lydia had read. It was Princess and the Pea, and was open on the page where the queen places the pea in between the mattress. Suddenly and idea popped in my head. Did she put it under her mattress? No... I decided to check anyway. I lifted one side of the mattress: nothing. I went to the bottom of the bed: nothing. I went around to the other side: bingo! I peeled the cover of my shampoo and the mint one, labeling the mint raspberry and the raspberry mint. I grabbed the raspberry shampoo and slipped the minty shampoo in. Then I tiptoed out and grinned at my clever plan. 
      As soon as I came back in my room, I started packing. I was going to a sleep away camp for the summer that literally ended a week before school began. The camp was basically summer school, but it knocked out one of a person's classes for next year. In my case though, I was taking Geometry so I could take Algebra 2 sophomore year. I looked at the pamphlet my dad had given me last night at dinner. The camp started tomorrow and he wanted me to hurry up and pack. I was so mad about the camp when he told me about it six months ago, but now it didn't seem to bad. Two months and something days of no waking up to Weston swearing on his video games, Lydia stealing my shampoo, and grilled chicken and broccoli every Monday night.  
    I took out my biggest suitcase and began throwing in every t-shirt I owned, then threw in all my sweatshirts, followed by my hats, then threw in four pairs of normal jeans, two pairs of ripped jeans, and six pairs of shorts. Then I tossed in gym shoes and flip flops. I looked at the packing list, which must've been thrown together because the list said:
    You Will Need:
    -clothes (dayclothes, pajamas, 1 nice outfit)
    -bed stuff
    -basic school supplies
    -anything else you deem reasonable to bring along
    I grabbed the raspberry shampoo and threw it in after placing it inside a plastic bag. Then I threw one of my two swimsuits since I was planning on enjoying the beach while I could. Finally I threw in some of my underwear. I decided that would be good enough for now. I grinned and went downstairs to watch some Vampire Diaries. Yeah, yeah, the Vampire Diaries isn't exactly the best show, but I mean, have you seen Ian Somerhalder? How could Elena not go for Damon? He is serious eye candy! I ran down and saw Dad in a suit about to leave. I tried to tiptoe past him to get to the TV but I stepped on a creak in the stairs and he jerked his head up.
    "Hey Dakota, what are you doing up so early?" he asked as he returned to putting stuff in his briefcase. 
    "I couldn't sleep." I said dumbly. 
    "Well, okay. Are you getting packed up for LSS?" (The camp is called Lauren's School for Summer)
      "Yeah I'm almost done." I replied, pulling a green tea out of the fridge opening it up. 
    "Well, I got to get going. Let me check your bag and make sure you have everything later tonight okay. We're leaving at seven and I got to drop you off at the airport." Thank god I was fifteen and didn't have to do unaccompanied minor stuff. I just nodded. Did I mention that the school is in California? That basically convinced me to go since I've wanted to live in California ever since we went on vacation there. I love their beaches. They're so much better than the freshwater beach we have. I must've gotten lost in my dreams because suddenly Dad tapped me on the shoulder. I blinked a couple times and saw him looking at me warily. 
    "I got to go. Take care of the house. Mom already left for work." My parents both had unique jobs. My mom was a 911 operator and came home with terrifying 911 calls and hilarious 911 pranks that my mom said was a federal offense to do. My dad was an exterminator, which is great because we haven't seen an infestation in our house ever. Plus I can count on him to kill the spiders in my room and the wasps that somehow get in our windows in October. I smiled as he left the house and waited 60 seconds before racing to the TV and switching on Netflix. Time to finish up season four. 
    "Dakota, let's go!" my dad yelled up the stairs. I groaned and attempted once again to bring my luggage down another step. 
    "I...can't....the too...heavy!" I said as I attempted to pull it down. My weak arms could barely lift it for a millisecond before the bag slammed onto the step. 
    "Here I'll get Weston." my dad concluded. " WESTON! HELP YOU SISTER CARRY HER LUGGAGE DOWN THE STAIRS!" 
    "Coming!" he yelled from his room. There some noise and then he swung the door open. His hair was sticking up in random places and looked like he had just woken up. But we all knew it was just his frustration hair from losing video games last night. 
    "Dakota, maybe you should consider becoming stronger." he said as he lifted it up with ease. 
    "I am not that weak. This thing is super heavy!" I replied, rolling my eyes. You see, when Weston wasn't playing video games he was working out at the school gym in the early mornings and after school. This caused girls to faint at the sight of his stupid biceps and triceps and melt when he went to beach. I honestly didn't get it at all. Weston was just annoying in my eyes. Weston placed the bag at the bottom of the stairs. I followed behind. 
    "Thank you, Wes." I said, giving him the nickname his friends called him. He grinned. 
    "Any time, Young Padawan. Soon, you will be as strong enough to be my fellow Jedi." He put on the funniest serious face. 
    "Okay, I'll miss you Wes. Even if you ignore me at school." I said. 
    "Hey, I only ignored you because you were a freshman. Plus, you're lunch table is currently the number one spot during your lunch periods. You knocked Georgia's table down to second best. Now that you're going to be a sophomore, you can help me prank the freshmen!" he protested.
    "Alright. I am a good prankster." I said. 
    "Wes, say goodbye to your sister. We got to go." Wes opened his arms for a hug and I hugged him instantly, my breathing temporarily cut off as I was pressed into his chest.
    "'!" I choked out. He laughed and let me go. 
    "Bye Wes!" I said, as I walked to the door. 
    "Seeya before school starts!" he said and went back up to his room.
    "Ladies and gentleman, please turn off all electronics and bring your chair upright. We will be starting our taxing onto the runway in a moment. Thank you." I laid back in my chair in comfort as I put my phone away. This ride was going to be horrible. I hated planes, and I relied solely on pandora for music. I groaned as the music coming from the plane radio shut off. My eyes fell on the empty seat  beside me. The person, if there was one, who would sit next to me wasn't here. I looked down at my wristband I was given  for being a student that would get picked up at the airport by the bus. It was neon green and frankly, itched my hand like crazy. Oh well, only however many hours this flight is before I'm in California.  
    "Alright students, registration line starts down the hall, and once you've signed in, follow the arrows to the key table where you'll be given your key, and then keep going if you need to give in medication, and then you can check into your room, where your roommate may or may not have already arrived. Understand?" the counselor who looked like she was in college, who I had nicknamed Gina, had her blonde hair tied up in a ponytail and wore a neon yellow staff shirt, nike shorts, and flip-flops. She seemed nice and saw that we didn't need a big explanation. I followed the line of kids. Some people were on the same plane as me and I didn't even notice. Some kids you could tell were returning because they wore t-shirts that looked like Gina's but were different colors. In my hand I was holding my health forms and all that other stuff you have to fill out. My luggage sat with many others in the front room of the dorm hall we were in. The camp was run by a boarding school and all the classes and students were kept in the boarding school. Some of the students from the boarding school were promoting by handing us pamphlets for the boarding school, called Northern California Academy, or NCA for short. The kids didn't wear uniforms, but they were currently adorned in shirts that showed their school symbol. 
    When I made it to the front of the line, I was greeted by an old woman who looked extremely irritated. 
    "Please tell me you have your forms filled out, because multiple students failed to realize forms should be completed before registration." she stated.  I held up my forms and she smiled. I handed them over and she glazed over them before handing it to a counselor who placed it in a big file cabinet under F. "Alright you are Dakota Fenway, correct? she said, picking up a clipboard. 
    "Yeah." I confirmed. She checked off something on the clipboard, most likely my name. Then she opened a notecard holder and sifted through it before picking out a notecard stating my name. She handed it to me before speaking again. 
    "Hold the name-card up and stand against this wall." she pointed to the empty wall beside her. I hurried over and a guy with a iPad stood up from a couch in front of the wall. 
    "Okay, just smile, holding the card in front of your chest." he ordered. I did as he said and smiled. A couple seconds later he said, "Okay give me your name-card and follow the arrows to the key table." I handed it to him and followed the arrows until I was standing in front of a desk with Keys written on a poster behind it. Two people were there with boys dorm keys and girls dorm keys. I walked up to the girls side to be greeted by another college student. 
    "Hi there, what's your name?" she asked.
    "Dakota Fenway." I stated. The girl nodded and sifted through enveloped until she came to the one marked Dakota Fenway in scrawled letter. She opened the envelope and pulled out the key, which looked like a basic key, except it was colored dark blue and had the NCA logo on it. 
    "The rules on the key is this," she began, "no painting the key, the key must be on your lanyard at all times, and if you lose the key you must agree to pay for a new one." She pulled out a slip that stated the key rules on it. "Sign here so that if you lose or damage the key, you have to pay 200 dollars. Oh yeah, almost forgot. You are in room 424. That's on the fourth floor." I signed it held the key firmly in my hand. She waved goodbye and I walked back to my luggage, since I didn't need to give any medication. I picked up the luggage and went to stairs, since this building had but one elevator that had a huge line waiting. I was on the top floor, and this was not going to end well with my bag. I opened the door to meet my opponent. 
    "Well, here we go." I said to myself and pulled the bag onto one step. Oh great, this might take awhile. I attempted to drag it up another staircase but it barely moved. Forget might, this was going to take a while. 
    About ten minutes later I was on the third floor and sweating a little. One person had walked by asking if I needed help and I declined. The bus kids checked in an  hour and a half early, so no one would be walking near the stairs for probably another ten minutes.
    "Alright, Dakota. You can do this. One, two, three, Heave!" I attempted to pick it up but it collapsed. "For food, Dakota. For food." I lifted it, thinking of the diet coke that would be available to buy in vending machines once I had unpacked. I got two steps. "For prosperity. We must be haste!" I said in a dramatic voice but when I lifted it up the bag fell back the two steps I had just accomplished. The bag made a bang and the force of it falling caused the clasps to come undone. Clothes spilled out onto the floor."Just great, Dakota. You managed to make a scene in the middle of the stairwell. Well, might as well make a big deal." I was so focused on making a joke of overreacting that I didn't hear footsteps coming up the stairs and stoping at the third floor landing where I was located with my spilled bag. "The horror!" I exclaimed dramatically and collapsed onto the pile, fake crying. Then I heard chuckling above me. 
    I looked up to see a boy holding a duffel over his shoulder and smiling down at me. He had blonde hair, blue eyes, and was very attractive. "Uhhhh...I don't really act like that. I was know...stairs...they're difficult...especially when you've got a heavy bag...and it kind of collapsed...onto the floor." 
    "Yeah I can tell. I'm Leo. And you must be Dakota?" he said, raising an eyebrow. Oh. My. God. British accent. He's got a british accent. Keep your cool, Dakota. Keep your cool. Oh, I know, clever comment!
    "Can you by any chance read minds?" I asked as I piled the clothes back into my suitcase. 
    "No, you were just talking to yourself,and I was walking up when I heard you from the second floor landing. I expect you were heading to fourth, right? I'm up there, too. Room 426." he explained. 
    "Cool, I'm in 424, but I didn't know it was co-ed dorms." I said confused as I picked up my bag. 
    "Well, its still same-gender roommates, but the groups are co-ed. C'mon, I'll help you with  your bag. It sounded a lot like you couldn't carry it." Leo replied, adjusting the strap on his duffel. He grabbed the handle of my luggage and picked it up easily before I could protest. We got to the top and he opened the door for me then handed me my suitcase. We walked down the hall until we came to my room. 
    "Well, see you later Leo!" I said as I opened the door. 
    "Yup, seeya!" he replied and walked to his room which was right next door. I walked inside the room, which had a bunk-bed and two desks. The walls were bright blue and the desks placed in the corner. I grabbed my luggage and pulled out my pillow, tossing it onto the top bunk along with my sheets. Then I threw all my clothes into one of the closet dressers. Once that was over with, I set up my bed and then sat down on the floor to play with my phone when suddenly it started ringing. I answered it to hear three familiar voices. 
    "Hey DK!" Damon, Nova, and Harry all shouted. 
    "Hey guys, what's up?" I said happily. 
    "Nothing much, just hanging out with the group. It's so different with out you here."Harry said. 
    "Where are you guys?" I asked curiously.
    "We're at the mall. Jenna's buying hats, Chloe is pranking her old bimbo friends, Cory and Shane couldn't make it, and Jared is currently helping Jenna buy hats while attempting to convince her to watch Doctor Who." Nova explained. 
    "Seems normal." I said with a chuckle. 
    "So Dakota, we still on for mani-pedis before school starts?" Damon joked. 
    "It's a date." I said. 
    "Yes, the infamous Dakota accepted a date!" he said. Suddenly there was shushing and Nova told Damon to shut up and eat his froyo. 
    "What does he mean by infamous?" I asked. 
    "He just meant that a lot of guys have a crush on you but they're intimidated by our close-knit group of people that surround you. You are kind of the leader, you know." Nova explained. 
    "What are you actually talking about?"I replied. 
    "Never-mind. Listen, I got to go. Chloe just threw a frappucino at her old best friends face because the bimbo ripped the cover of her favorite book. And I really don't want the fight to accelerate too much. Chloe was the only bimbo with real nails." Nova explained then hung up. I threw my phone onto the bed and went to my desk. There was a geometry book, a folder with my name on it, and a NCA pen.
    We met with our entire group. My roommate's name was Brooke. She seemed really nice and introduced me to some new music. Our group did some team building, ate dinner, and now we were in our dorms.Brooke was blasting Sublime so I went outside to our balcony. All the dorms except first floor had balconies. I closed the door and jus stared out at California. Suddenly there was noise. I looked over to see a head of blonde hair in the balcony next door. Oh, Leo. 
    "Leo? What are you doing?" I asked. He jumped and looked up before smiling.
    "Nothing, just thinking. You?" he replied.
    "Brooke is blasting her music, and I just need some quiet." I said simply, then added. "What's wrong?" 
    "Well," he explained, "there's this girl I like. She's super cool and I don't know if she likes me back but I'm not sure if I should tell her or not." 
    "I think you should tell her in a week. Wait and see if she likes being around you." I replied, trying not to get my hopes up that it was me. 
    "Alright, thanks." Leo said, smiling. "How's Brooke?" 
    "She's awesome. Showed me some sick music." I said, smiling. "How's Kyle? (Leo's roommate, a surfer dude who failed out of geometry) 
    "He's good, but all he talks about is wanting to go to the beach. Which is cool, but I need to focus on passing Biology since I failed it, so the beach isn't a good option." just as Leo finished talking, Brooke tapped on the door, signaling lights out was in five minutes.
    "Crap, I gotta go Leo. Seeya tomorrow!" I said. 
    "Bye Dakota! And thanks for the advice. You're a great friend!" he said. Crap crap crap crap. He dropped the f bomb. I opened the door and suddenly I was at a camp. Like one of those cabin camps in the woods near the lake. Brenda stood in front of me, disappointment on her face.
    "Oh Dakota, I hoped you wouldn't be attending. I told you to avoid being placed in the friend zone." she explained. 
    "Where am I?" I asked, scared to hear the answer.
    "You got friend-zoned at camp Dakota. That means you get to be a camper at Camp Friend Zone!" Brenda said excitedly and walked away. I looked at the campgrounds. 
    Camp Friend Zone: just peachy...
Hey guys!
So im so sorry for not updating in a while! School is super tough and my parents are mad because I got a D+ on my geometry test. 
On a lighter note, did anyone see Emblem3's cover of the fox? The feels. However I got more smiles from keatons jake onesie than all three of them shirtless...anyone feel the same way? 
Peace, Tumblr, Love

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