Life in the Friend Zone

The Friend Zone is a real place. It is like a cross between a boarding school and a hospital. And Dakota Fenway knows it all too well. She entered the friend zone for the first time when she was in fourth grade. She is one of the only girls. The Friend Zone is a mind set, not a physical place. It connects all the minds together who are in the friend zone and you stay there until you break away from the friend. You are told no one has ever broken through the friend zone into something more because it would upset the balance. Dakota has entered in the friend zone once again during her senior year two weeks before prom. She is determined to get her friend Harry Warren to see her as more then a good friend. And no one, not even the Heads of Fate, are going to stop her. Watch as she jumps between the real world and Friend Zone and adds her own sarcastic touch.


16. Bee Stings and Allergies

    "Dakota we're late!" my brother yelled from the bottom of the stairs. I groaned as I got up from bed. I had lied and claimed I was getting ready when I was really sleeping in. I shot up and grabbed a t shirt and shorts before throwing my tangled hair into a ponytail. Then I ran into the bathroom and brushed my teeth before quickly spitting and sprinting downstairs, where my shoes and backpack were waiting at the bottom of the stairs. It's days like these when I'm glad I pack everything up before going to bed. Slipping the backpack on as I ran out of the door, I quickly yelled goodbye to my younger sister and brother in the kitchen, receiving a goodbye muffled by chews of cereal. When I ran out I saw my brother down the road waving at me frantically to get over. I ran down the street, my ponytail flailing in the wind as I raced down to the bus stop. I was about to cross the road to the bus stop when the bus screeched to a halt to let me pass. I ran over and it moved forward a little more. I was panting as I stepped onto the bus. As I made my way to an empty seat, I got some 'hellos' and 'nice saves' from some people on the bus who I knew from last year. I waved and sat down. Weston sat next to me. 
    "Well, look who's little miss popular." he said, pinching my cheek. 
    "Oh shut up. You're a senior, aren't you guys supposed to be on top?" I said matter-of-factly. 
    "Yeah, but I don't know that many people." he said.
    "Most of these people on the bus were freshmen last year so I know them from lunch lines or classes. Trust me Wes, you know a lot more people then I do." I explained. 
    "Okay fine. But if you ever need pranking advice, I'll be at my table." he concluded.
    "Oh, I'm pretty sure you'll be needing my prank advice, so come to the round table by the window and next to the broken vending machine if you need help." I said. 
    "Touché, smart one." he said before plugging earbuds in and closing his eyes. I scoffed and put in my own earbuds, awaiting another year of school through catchy broadway show tunes. 
    "It is scorching out here. I had to where booty shorts today! Booty shorts!" Chloe complained as she tossed her hair into a quick bun before continuing to read her book. She had gotten a kindle for her birthday and was basically looking at it as the best thing she had ever seen. We were all a bit uncomfortable with hot weather. I loved sweatshirts, Nova loved skinny jeans, Damon and Harry liked their hoodies, Jenna liked her beanies, and Chloe couldn't live with out sweatpants. So here we were in boiling hot weather on the first day of school. We had decided to eat outside like a lot of other kids since the air conditioning wasn't working. Jenna was hatless, Damon and Harry had stuffed away their hoodies, I was in a t-shirt, Nova donned some shorts, and Chloe was wearing an old pair of booty shorts from last year. And Shane, well he couldn't see the classes on his laptop in the blazing sun so he had to stuff his laptop away. Jared's nerdy t-shirts were all black so he couldn't wear them since they'd 'absorb the heat'. 
    I stole another fry from Nova's plate. She glared at me before rolling her eyes. As we talked about our schedules, which were all stacked in the center of our circle, I reached for my Diet Coke. Expecting a nice refreshing drink, as soon as I lifted the soda can to my lips I felt something crawl on my tongue followed by a sharp sting. I screamed and leaped up shaking my head violently until I saw something fly away: a bee. A bee had flown into my can. I felt my tongue swell up as I started sobbing.
    "Oh my God, Dakota! What happened?!" Nova exclaimed as she came up. I tried to explain but my voice was muffled from swelling. 
    "My mfff gof sfung fy a fee!" I felt tears as I sobbed. Nova looked at me confused and I grabbed a sharpie from my pocket and grasped her arm. I quickly scrawled: 'my tongue got stung by a bee'. She looked down and squinted to make out t he words before widening her eyes. By now everyone had gathered around. "Dakota just got stung by a bee on her tongue." Nova said, almost as if she couldn't believe it. "Here I'll take her to the-"
    Suddenly Nova was interrupted by a whiny voice otherwise known as her sister Hayley. She was a freshman and probably needed help. She looked over to see her coming forward with food all over her top. Nova's annoyance immediately switched to concern as she rushed to her sister to see what was wrong followed by Damon. I was still sobbing from the sting when I felt a tap. "Alright, I guess I'll take you." I looked over to see Harry looking up at me. I attempted to say thank you but it only came up in muffles. He laughed as I followed him off to the nurse. People who knew me threw my concerned looks when they saw my blotchy red face. Unfortunately, my face turned red and blotchy when I cried and remained that way 15 to 20 minutes after I was done crying. We reached the nurse, who was wrapping a kids leg since he had probably fallen on it in gym. She looked up and widened at my tongue. When she looked at Harry she rolled her eyes. 
    "Harry Warren what did you do this time?" she asked. 
    "I didn't do anything! She got stung by a bee on her tongue." he explained. I nodded. 
    "Alright, let's get the stinger out and I'll give you some pain killer. That's all I can do, and you probably won't be able to talk for the rest of the day and maybe tomorrow." I nodded once again and sat down on the couch. She grabbed a pair of tweezers and I stuck my tongue out. She swiftly pulled out the stinger, causing me to flinch. She turned to the medicine cabinet and pulled out a bottle of pain killers. She handed me two of the pills and gave me and a plastic cup. "Fill this cup with water and swallow the pills. Are you finding it hard to breathe?" 
    I shook my head. She smiled. "That's good. Now take the pills and run along. Get better soon." I attempted to smile and went up to the sink, filled the cup with water, and quickly swallowed the pills with the water to avoid slow pain. I walked out, following Harry back to the cafeteria. When we got back to the cafeteria Nova and Damon were back from helping Hayley. I saw down gave them a thumbs up. They smiled back. 
    "What happened to Hayley?" I said slowly, trying to sound out each word. 
    "A senior bumped her by accident and she fell. Her egg salad got all over her shirt. I had to clean her up." Nova explained. 
    "And I had to give her my hoodie." Damon added. 
    "Why do you think I told you to come with. You know I was going to make you lend it to her. Plus you are like the older brother she never had. You should be expected to do stuff like this for her." Nova.
    "Yeah, yeah, I know. Did the nurse think you did something to Dakota?" Damon asked, pointing the question to Harry.
    "She thought it was one of my food pranks that go wrong sometimes." Harry explained.
    "Yeah, well your pranks on food always end up interfering with someone's allergy." Jenna pointed out.
    "Like my peanut allergy." Shane said.
    "And my pineapple allergy." Chloe added in. 
    "Oooh, that one was bad." Jared commented. We all nodded. Last year Chloe had talked about how much she hated pineapples and had mentioned she was allergic. Harry thought she wasn't and slipped some pineapple juice into her soup. Her reaction was so bad she missed school for three days. 
    "How was I supposed to know she was allergic to pineapples?" Harry exclaimed.
    "She mentioned several times Harry, you were just planning your prank once she said she hated pineapples." Cory explained. 
    "Fine, but when else did I mess with your allergies?" He said, crossing his arms.
    "You tried to prank me with a gross milkshake." Cory replied.
    "And?" Harry said, confused.
    "I'm lactose intolerant. I got sick from it." Cory pointed out.
    "Oh but after that-" he began but Jenna cut him off. 
    "Remember when you didn't know I get sick from cold cuts and juiced them to look like chocolate milk?" Jenna added.
    "But Jenna, who doesn't get sick from cold cuts when they are juiced?" I added, my voice still muffled.
    "Dakota, I just can't take you seriously with your tongue all swollen." Jenna replied, trying to contain her laughter. I rolled my eyes. 
    "How many of you guys are not allergic to something?"  Harry asked, confused beyond belief. Me, Damon, Jenna, Nova, and Harry himself all raised our hands. 
    "Okay then, what are you allergic to, Jared?" he said. 
    Jared just shrugged and said, "Penicillin."


Sooooooooooo, how ya doin? Im in the school library so I had some time before my french final to get this chapter up. It's kind of a filler, so yeah! Loved it, hated it? Lemme know down below! Hopefully I'll update this weekend.



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