Loving you

Loving you is about a girl named bella who is not your average girl she's a mermaid for crying out loud! One night she gets kidnapped by five boys and tries to escape. What will happen when she falls for one of the boys? Will she tell him her secret? Or will she forget about him and escape?


3. The fight

I was running so fast. Being a "swimmer" and all I'm pretty athletic. I stopped to catch my breath after all they were far behind me. Suddenly to strong arms wrapped against my waist. This cant be happening. "Let me go!" I yelled. He turned me to face him then pulled off my hood and took off my sunglasses. He had chocolate brown eyes and light brown hair. "Hello beautiful" I said smirking. "I said let me go!" I shouted still trying to get free. "Sorry love can't do that." He carried me to the other four boys who were bent down trying to cath their breath. "Good job Liam" said the black haired one said through breaths. I looked around for any sign of water to use. Ah ha! There was a big puddle in the corner of a wall. Careful not to get any on myself, I moved my hand and the water came rising up. They didn't notice because they were still out of breath. I kicked who i think was Liam in the stomach and he doubled over in pain letting me go. I didnt waste any time as fast as I could I made the water into a rope and wrapped around the five of the them tightly. When I thought it was tight enough I froze it. "What the--" I didn't get to see who said it as soon as I finished I ran. Somehow I guess they managed to get free because one tackled me my face to the ground. I turned my head and tried to get him off it was the one with a quiff. "Nu uh uh" he said shaking his head and moving his finger. I needed more water. I looked back at the puddle. In one swift motion I threw him off of me, he fell back onto the wall and I froze him there. I walked very closely to him. "Nu uh uh" I said shaking my finger mocking him. 1 down 4 to go. Two came running twords me they were about to step into a puddle but I froze it and they slipped knocking them out. To easy. I walked over to them one was blond the other had bluish greenish eyes and brown hair. 3 down 2 to go. I stood up looking for the other two. I heard running from behind me. I quickly made a ball of water, froze items turned around. Liam what a lovely suprise I thought. I threw it to the side of his head. Knocked out in seconds. Now where's the last--. I didn't get to finish my thought he tackled me from behind and was on top of me. I looked up as I was on the ground and saw the moon. My mind went blank.

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