Loving you

Loving you is about a girl named bella who is not your average girl she's a mermaid for crying out loud! One night she gets kidnapped by five boys and tries to escape. What will happen when she falls for one of the boys? Will she tell him her secret? Or will she forget about him and escape?


5. Knowing what happened

Bella's POV 

I woke up with a major headache in a small room. I rubbed my head and looked around. There was 1 window and 1 bathroom. Where am I? Memories of the previous night came flooding back. Okay I know five boys came after me and I fought them. I was successful until the curly haired boy tackled me. What else what else. I tried thinking harder. I couldn't remember anything after that. Oh my gosh what if I looked at the moon! They probably got me and that's why I'm here! I got up from the bed walking slowly to the door. I peeked my head out. There were stairs so I made my way down. I made it to what I think is the living room. There has to be a door here somewhere. Found it! It was a red painted door with a silver knob. I reached out and turned it slowly careful to not make any noise. "Leaving so soon love?" I jumped and turned around. It was the curly haired boy and he had the four other boys with him. I eyed the door I could easily run out and escape. I turned around quick and was about to run. "Oh no you don't" said the one of them grabbing me by the waist. It was Liam. He turned me around so I was facing him. Someone tied my hands behind my back. I tried to get free but they pushed me onto the couch and held me down. Still struggling I shouted "who are you guys!" They all looked at me in disbelief. "You don't reconize us?" The blond one asked suprised. "No! I don't!" I yelled annoyed. "Well I guess we should tell you are names then shouldn't we?" The one in stripes said. "Well I'm Louis. That's Niall, Liam, Zayn, and last but not least Harry the one you kissed last night." Harry smirked. "WHAT!!! I didn't kiss anyone or would want to" I practically yelled. What were these guys talking about! Harry stepped foward. "Yes you did and you loved it" he smiled. Ok I am getting really creeped out right now. "What. I couldn't have. I don't even know you guys!" "What's your name love?" Niall said. "M-my name is B-Bella." I stuttered. "Bella what a beautiful name." Harry said stepping closer. Thats it I'm outta here! I started to get up, but Zayn pushed me back down. "Where do you think your going we're not done with you yet." I was struggling. Liam walked up to me "first things first we would like to know how you manged to fight the five of us off with just plain old water." He waved a water bottle in my face. Oh no how was I gonna get out of this one.

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