Loving you

Loving you is about a girl named bella who is not your average girl she's a mermaid for crying out loud! One night she gets kidnapped by five boys and tries to escape. What will happen when she falls for one of the boys? Will she tell him her secret? Or will she forget about him and escape?


4. Got her

Harry's POV

I finally got her. This girl was a fighter! How was she doing all that stuff with the water! I had to know. I saw the perfect opportunity when she turned around. I ran and tackled her to the ground, pinning her down by her arms. She was face to face with me. Now I could see her face. She had beautiful blue eyes and long wavy black hair. I found my self staring into her eyes. Snap out of it Harry!! I mentally slapped myself. I shook my head to clear the thought. I guess by her face expression that she was shocked by me, her face was blank. When her face expression started to show again she smiled and started giggling. Why was she acting wierd? "And who might you be" she asked clearly out of it. "Um I'm Harry Styles..." I replied sounding unsure. "Well Mr. Styles you are very handsome" she said playing with my curls laughing. I smiled at the thought of her saying I was good looking. Harry don't fall for it! Shes just playing you! I yelled at myself. "Errrr..." I didn't know what to say. She was just smiling and laughing. I was at war in my head. I started leaning in to kiss her. "Harry, mate get off her" I was snapped out of thought. It was Liam getting up clutching his stomach in pain. I got off her and stood up dusting myself off, trying to pretend nothing happened. She saw him and got up "well I better go now" she said in a sign-song voice while turning around. Liam looked at me and gave me a look telling me to do something. I quickly spun her around and crashed my lips onto hers. She was shocked then relaxed and kissed back. While we were kissing I motioned to Liam. When he was close I pulled away and Liam stepped in drugging her. She was about to fall to the ground but I caught her. All the lads finally got up and rushed over. "Yes! You did it!" Louis exclaimed. I was confused, not about holding her in my arms but about the kiss. How did I feel about it? Did I really enjoy it? I pushed my thoughts to the side. All I know is that we got her.

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