He Is Love (Discontinued)

Angelica is an 18 year old girl. One summer day she decided to go visit her mom, since there was nothing to do. She had to taker the bus all the way to Santa Fe. Everything was all right until...BOOM! The bus crashes, no survivors no nothing. she decided to walk even though there is nothing but dessert and road, despite her current state, her head was bleeding, she was limping, had blurry vision and was nauseous. But she kept going. Then she heard the sound of a vehicle stopping next to her around six o'clock. She panicked, because in the movies a stopping car next to you isn't good, She tries running, but the trips as she has trouble walking. She see's a tall figure with curly hair thought the sun hitting her eyes. Then without warning faints as her body couldn't take it no more.


9. What'd I do wrong?

~Angelica's POV~


I felt bad for lying to him but yeah. I took the city bus and then walked the rest of the way to Trini's house. When I arrived I got a call from her:

Trini: Hey something happened, sorry.

Angelica: Oh it's ok what happened?

Trini: My brother ended up in jail. *sighs*

Angelica: Aiden? Gosh! What a dumb-butt!

Trini: I know right?! Well gotta go! I'll text you later.

Angelica: Okay but tomorrow I leave remember?

Trini: Ah Fuck! That's right. Well then we'll Skype okay?

Angelica: Sure Love! Bye!!

Trini: Bye!!!


And with that she hung up. I decided to go back to the hotel see what the guys were up to.

I opened the door and they were all staring at me except Niall. Harry and Louis were grinning. Liam and Zayn were just looking at me. Niall, well he was too interested in his food. They just stared, when I finally gave up and said, "What's going on guys?". They shook their heads and said, "Nothing". And returned to whatever they were doing. I shot them suspicious looks then headed towards my room. Then I heard Louis say, "Angelica? Love? Where'd you go? Hmm". Was this a trick question.  "Um well Trini's house", which wasn't a lie. "Oh well why come back so early?", he kept going.

I shrugged and said, "Just." He eyes me suspiciously and kept doing whatever he was doing. Then finally Niall looks up and smiles. I quickly turned around a blushed. And made my way to my room. I just layed their and thought about the kiss.

~Niall's POV~

She ignored me!! I smiled and she turned around and left as if not wanting to see me? Did I do something wrong? *sighs*

Not yet. Not just yet. I should wait  a couple of days see if she acts the same.

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