He Is Love (Discontinued)

Angelica is an 18 year old girl. One summer day she decided to go visit her mom, since there was nothing to do. She had to taker the bus all the way to Santa Fe. Everything was all right until...BOOM! The bus crashes, no survivors no nothing. she decided to walk even though there is nothing but dessert and road, despite her current state, her head was bleeding, she was limping, had blurry vision and was nauseous. But she kept going. Then she heard the sound of a vehicle stopping next to her around six o'clock. She panicked, because in the movies a stopping car next to you isn't good, She tries running, but the trips as she has trouble walking. She see's a tall figure with curly hair thought the sun hitting her eyes. Then without warning faints as her body couldn't take it no more.


5. Chapter 5


So I've been on tour with them for about a week. It is fucking amazing!

I've been hiding from the public because we don't want any rumors or anything, but later on they said I will. Though, it can be kind of boring sometimes. I've also learned how to hide my fangirl. I learned they would be annoyed if I did that every time I'm with them and well, that's all the time.

They were currently in an interview so I was stuck here. 

There was an after party and I saw Eleanor with Louis, Liam with Sophia, Zayn with Perrie and Niall and Harry talking near the back of the party. They saw me come in and brought their girlfriends. "Angelica this is Eleanor, my girlfriend", Louis happily says and Eleanor smiles. He continues, "That's Perrie with Zayn", She waves. "And Sophia with Liam", she waves. "And girls this is Angelica", I smile. The guys left to let us get to know each other. The girls were great.

~Niall's POV~

Angelica is pretty cool and laid back. She's funny, chill and smart! She seems like the kind of girl who listens and can talk about anything to. We have her differences, but I think I like her.

At first she was shy, but like Zayn, she got comfortable around us, and I'm glad she is. She also stopped fangirling everytime she was with us, which I'm thankful for. She respects our privacy and us. She smiles a lot, maybe because she's a happy person or something.

Today I'm stuck alone. Liam, Louis and Zayn all went to the movies with their girlfriends. Harry went to see Simon and Angelica went to look around the city. Probably should've went with her. I sigh. I decide to go to Starbucks. I sit in a booth alone. Then a guy around my age comes and asks, "Do you mind If I sit?" I shook my head. "Thanks dude," he said relieved.

We talked for a while then he asked me if I wanted to go to a party of his and since I had nothing to do I accepted. He also said to I could bring people if I wanted to. Angelica immediately came to mind.

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