He Is Love (Discontinued)

Angelica is an 18 year old girl. One summer day she decided to go visit her mom, since there was nothing to do. She had to taker the bus all the way to Santa Fe. Everything was all right until...BOOM! The bus crashes, no survivors no nothing. she decided to walk even though there is nothing but dessert and road, despite her current state, her head was bleeding, she was limping, had blurry vision and was nauseous. But she kept going. Then she heard the sound of a vehicle stopping next to her around six o'clock. She panicked, because in the movies a stopping car next to you isn't good, She tries running, but the trips as she has trouble walking. She see's a tall figure with curly hair thought the sun hitting her eyes. Then without warning faints as her body couldn't take it no more.


1. Chapter 1


It was summer, nothing to do, so I figured why not go visit my mom? I get the book I have been reading for a while now.  The road to Santa Fe was long, I would have taken my car but, I had no gas, and don't have a job...so..... I decide to listen to music and without realizing I doze off. The seat was quite comfortable so it didn't surprise me.

I was peacefully sleeping until I felt getting hit really hard. I opened my eyes. What happened? My vision was blurry, I tried getting up, but it was hard so I held on to the seat and walked towards the front, stumbling multiple times. I tried to get off, but once again stumble onto the floor. As I made it to the front, I noticed the bus was on fire. I curse under my breath. Fuck. I immediately begin panicking. What the hell am I suppose to do?

I check to my left, try and see if the bus driver is okay. No such luck.

The sight of the bodies made me  nauseous. I got out as fast as I could only to realize I didn't have my phone. I ran back only to find myself disappointment to see no signal. It's dessert, pure dessert. I decide to walk forward. To my surprise I walked for hours. My feet ached and I was unimaginably thirsty. My hair was a tangled mess and my lips were pretty chapped. The sun was setting. Looked about seven o'clock. Out in the distance I heard a vehicle coming by. It stopped and I began to panic. I tried running only to find out I couldn't do it any more. I tripped by myself in the attempt to run. The sand was hot under my hands and I was pretty sure I had thorns in my hands and knees. Through the sun hitting my eyes, I saw a tall figure with curly hair walk towards me. I tried to fight against it, but to my luck everything went black. Fuck.


"Cause you were mine for the summer,

now we know it's nearly over 

Feels like snow in September bu-", the music was cut off.

"Hey you bastards! I was listening to that!", I yelled across our tour bus to Zayn. "Is that a.... Person!", I could hear Niall say. I quickly turned around and went towards the window. I saw a girl around my age walking... well limping. We stopped the bus and I decided to go first. I could tell she noticed the bus stop and apparently started to run. Well, she tried. She freaked out. She tried running, but fell to the floor since she was obviously hurt. I walked closer and she looked at me squinting her eyes to get a better look at me. I picked her up, she tried fighting against me, but in an instant fainted. Guess she couldn't take it any more. I ran inside the bus with her. I then lay her on the couch-thingy.


"Is she okay?" asked Louis.

"Don't know, she fainted in my arms," I said.

"Well, obviously she's not okay", Zayn said in a 'DUH' voice. I rolled my eyes.

"Hey," Louis said getting all our attentions. "Remember that bus that we saw at the side of the road earlier? The one that was obviously crashed by that other car next to it?"

"I don't remember any of that?" I say to him. "Well of course not, you were asleep,"he said. "Did you call somebody? The police? Anyone?", I ask hoping he had the common sense to call someone.

"Of course I did, but the bus was about 10 miles away. So that means she has been walking in this state for 10 miles!", he says in realization.

We wet a towel and put it on her forehead. We cleaned the blood that she had on her head. Guess she hit her head at the accident. Her ankle looked sprained, guess that explained the limping too. We all took turns watching over her as we got a near hospital.


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