The Potter's guardian and friend Christina Numair

Christina Numair a half blood who can turn into a wolf whenever becomes friends with Lily Evans and becomes her guardian in secret once they graduate from Hogwarts. ( This Fanfiction is written sort of like the books but with a few changes I do not own Harry Potter but I do own Christina Numair.)


3. My best friend Lily

He then said “ Don’t worry sooner or later you will.”
I then said “I’m sure I will Professor Dumbledore then I began to get up but he asked me to please sit back down again and I did then he spoke with me about my change of house I lied to him and told him i’m alright he smiled and asked if I was sure and I said yes then he dismissed me back to my dormitory and once I got back to sleep and morning dawned I got up and changed for my first class which was Transfiguration a class I was very interested in and when I arrived it was on time and Professor Mcgonagall showed everyone where their seats where and I sat in mine and she began passing out the bunny’s to transform into slippers and I slowly began the spell.

Which worked the bunny turned into a successful slipper, at that moment Professor Mcgonagall awarded my house points for the first successful fellow slytherins cheered even though I wasn't happy for giving them points.
The girl with the red-hair I learned her name is Lily Evans she was nice and I spoke with her often, I protected her from other slytherins traps by leading her the other way or around it.

     We became good friends and helped each other study for test and class, potions was the next class I had on my schedule was herbology we were dealing with mandrakes we had to place earmuffs on unless of course you wanted to faint or die from their horrible screams. I carefully pulled out the first mandrake I was assigned and repotted it.

When Herbology was over I had gained slytherin 5 extra house points and headed to potions which our head of house teached. We were making the potion “ Draught of Living Death” this was one of the very easy potions if you followed the directions or learned your own way of doing it correctly.While we gathered our ingredients I noticed two other slytherins that I recognized Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy I began working on my potion quietly and by myself since I preferred it.Severus Snape and I started our potions at the same time, except we both did it different than each other and the book but ended up with the same end result a perfect potion I saw Severus glance at me but I did not look at him. I never looked at anyone of my house nor talked to them.

We both won house points for Slytherin but so did Lily for Gryffindor I gave a quick smile to her but then began cleaning and packing up Slytherins had a rivalry with Gryffindor that I didnt quite understand but I was no part of it, Lily was a friend of mine so was James,Sirius and Lupin but Peter was a different story something about him made me dislike him and it grew as the school year continued. After potions was flying lessons I had it with James me and him both flew really well along with others but we got the broom to rise to our hands right away and flew steadily.

The teacher awarded us points and told all the good flyers that we would perhaps make it into Quidditch, we headed to the great hall for dinner and listened to the headmasters words as I headed down the dungeon I heard a howl from outside the castle I walked to a window after everyone was asleep outside of the window was a wolf it was white with some gray areas I could tell it was female from its size it spoke and I understood her.

She talked to me about her adventures and how she came to be living in the forbidden woods just in the castle’s grounds she then asked me what my name was I told her my true name not my adoptive one “ Christina Numair” the wolf instantly bowed I looked at her confused she then said “ you do not understand how highly royal your name is to my kind” I was about to ask her why till I heard Mr.Filch coming towards me I rushed to the dungeon and into the dorm to my bunk I stared at the green curtains for awhile thinking why my name was so important.

The school years then began to speed up and one day during one of the closest days to the end of them, I saw Severus say something to Lily that made her upset and angry I knew what it was he called her a “Mudblood” the worst thing you could say to someone muggle born and I knew how upset she was due to both of us being born to muggles.

I wanted to comfort her but then I saw her go to James after the school year was over Lily and James got married I started working at Ollivanders to gain some money and found a newspaper talking about my sister I wrote a letter to her and attached it to Bloody Bite my peregrine falcon requesting her if I could visit. While I worked at Ollivanders he showed me how to make wands he said something about me said I knew Wand Lore. I learned while working there and Lily’s visits she had not been talking to Severus since the day he called her a “Mudblood”.

I felt a bit sad about that information I could tell Severus loved Lily but I never said a thing, one day I decided to marry Billy Shadows but the day before the wedding me and my sister decided to go on a stroll to talk about the wedding. But we walked into the woods due to it being quieter as soon as we got to a clear area in the woods there was a sickening feeling in my stomach that something was wrong and at this time I knew I could turn into a wolf and look around but I didn’t want to risk it being a member of the ministry then I saw a fast moving shadow circle us once I then knew something was badly wrong it reminded me of the first wizarding war. The first wizarding war was a horrible one,those that did not fight for Voldemort got badly injured or tortured for information I used my lycanthrope form to fight inferi and other dark creatures who did fight for Voldemort and its was a badly bloody battle.

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