The Potter's guardian and friend Christina Numair

Christina Numair a half blood who can turn into a wolf whenever becomes friends with Lily Evans and becomes her guardian in secret once they graduate from Hogwarts. ( This Fanfiction is written sort of like the books but with a few changes I do not own Harry Potter but I do own Christina Numair.)


1. How it all began..

    Christina Numair was born August 18 1960 to a family of lycanthropes her bloodline was kept a secret , she had a twin sister. When she turned 9 her parents were executed by The Ministry of Magic They both were sent to an Orphanage after that Christina was the oldest and  wanted to make sure they weren’t separated but that didn’t last long a nice disguised wizarding family adopted her sister Zabrina,
 Christina now was alone till her 10th birthday a wizard with a long whitening beard and moon rimmed glasses and broken nose came to visit her and he asked her “ How are you” She replied with a calm response “ Fine thank you”
 Then he said “ I heard from the orphanage owner that she hears you murmuring in your sleep” I then looked down “ I see things when i’m asleep or awake but they are always blurry and change.” The old wizard then asked “ What do you see exactly? if you don’t mind telling me”
 She answered him “ I saw you arriving and then everything else was blurry and only fragments.” He looked at her with a slowly widening smile then explained what she has been seeing and what she is “ You are a seer you see some things that happen in the future there aren’t many of your kind left”
 She looked at him slightly shocked but then quickly recovered, then asked “ What do you want with me?” she said nicely he then took a letter out of his cloak and handed it to her “ I want you to attend my school, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

     This letter includes list of supplies you need.” She took the letter gently from his hand and was about to open it when he said “ Not quite yet young one not till your next birthday then you may open it not any time sooner.”
 She nodded then placed the letter under her pillow, He then said goodbye and left the next day a family came to adopt her. They were newbie death eaters and did not know of her bloodline till the ministry told them,
 she was tortured and punished badly when she did not learn the ways of their master and the night of her birthday she was locked in a cell and she decided to open her letter even though her bloody lip and cuts on her arm ached joy filled her when she opened the letter and read it.

 After reading the letter she walked over to the trap door under her bed which her adopted parents forgotten about and slowly went down it and ran as fast she could till she reached the sunny playground where two girls her age were playing,
 one had red hair and the other brown and not straight like the others she could tell the one with brown hair was angry at the other girl for some reason then she saw the young black haired boy who then came from behind a tree and stood by the red-haired girl with a smirk on his face from something he had just said a little bit earlier.

 Christina slowly moved over the fence and into the playground and sat beside a merry-go-round and watched the three other children of her age. Then she realized the two girls was sisters and the brown haired sister left angrily towards what she guessed was home, the red-haired sister was about to go after her sister when the black- haired boy said something to her that made her stay then she saw them make a flower float and whirl between the two of them.

She was amazed by this and smiled she realized they were like her. Then on the same day she watched the girl leave and the young boy head to a home on a street she fell asleep in the tree and then the  next day she saw the two kids her age leave towards a pub not too far away she raced after them quietly with money she had taken from her adopted parents home.
She watched the kid’s parents tap the brick wall a certain way and it opened and they stepped through she quickly ran into the new appearing entryway and looked around eyes glittering with stars and amazement.

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