The Potter's guardian and friend Christina Numair

Christina Numair a half blood who can turn into a wolf whenever becomes friends with Lily Evans and becomes her guardian in secret once they graduate from Hogwarts. ( This Fanfiction is written sort of like the books but with a few changes I do not own Harry Potter but I do own Christina Numair.)


4. Azkaban and Despair

After the war some of the death eaters were captured and I learned that Lily and James were murdered in their home only because Voldemort went after harry her son due to a prophecy spoken from my friend Sybil a seer I was one as well. Before the war me and my husband divorced because I found out he was a death eater and didn’t actually love me but used me, after the wizarding war I ran to Lilys home in my lycanthrope form since it was faster and found her and James dead and Harry their son alive tears streamed down my wolf eyes Harry hugged my nose and my tears fell into his cribs I would've stayed but lycanthropes were a threat to the ministry so I jumped out the window due to a spell they used on Sirius I turned human in-front of them and me and Sirius were accused of aiding Voldemort in killing Lily and thrown in Azkaban I never watched Harry grow up or my son for that matter as I was sent to Azkaban my son Skye was taken away from me and given to my ex to raise him.

As I sat in my cell the bite mark on my neck began to burn I gained it the night before my wedding from a vampire by the name of Durcan he turned me completely and was about to do the same to my sister if I hadn’t transformed and attacked him he then took me to his coven and forced me to work for him to be part of his army and defeat his enemies but I escaped and ended up drowning completing the vampiric transformation and had a funeral and many thought I was dead so I had to go into hiding till Lily’s death no one suspected me of being a undead.

Azkaban a prison cell in the middle of nowhere guarded by dementors and a few witches or wizards drained the happiest memories from its inhabitants but due to me being dead already they could take nothing from me oh yes they take more than memories they also take your soul but I did not any longer have one so I was a pest to the dementors and annoyed them, my stepmother Amarilla bailed me out of Azkaban and allowed me to stay with her till I decided I would seek a job out at Hogwarts a place I considered home.

 I arrived at Hogwarts as a undead but not dangerous only unable to feel any emotion at all, yes I know its sad but atleast I can do things without worry. I walked through the forbidden woods and the centaurs were looking at me strangely they bowed I had no idea why but i kept walking and soon the arachnids appeared and backed away out of fear confused of why.
As I walked through the gates wondering why the arachnids were afraid of me I saw a familiar busy bearded brown/black haired half- giant and went to greet him, Hagrid smiled as he saw me “ Hello Christina”, “hello Hagrid anything new?” he answered “ well Quirrell is the new defense against the darks arts teacher and...harry potter is attending Hogwarts this year.” I swallowed hard due to the last part “ Quirrell will make a good defense against the dark arts teacher he has experienced much of it...(she took a deep breath again) how has Harry been?”.

Hagrid answered with a slight sigh and a bit of a chuckle “ how would you be living with his aunt?” I laughed then answered “ bombarded due to her high expectations.” Hagrid and I laughed for a while then he asked “so what brings you here?” I answered “ Truthfully a job interview” Hagrid then said “ I thought you had a job at the ministry and St.Mungos” I answered “ I do but I don’t need any time at home I wish to get a job here.”
Hagrid then asked “ did something happen?” I quickly answered” no-no” But he could tell I was lying so he asked “ What happened to ye” I didn’t respond right away and he guessed by how long it took me to answer that it was either something bad or upsetting.

I finally answered him “ My son Skye was taken from me and given to his death eater father because of me going to azkaban for a false charge...” Hagrid got angry at hearing my son being moved into the home of a death eater and said furiously “ What!” I replied to his outrage “ Yes they sent me to Azkaban believing I aided kill Lily and James..w-which I would never do they were my best friends.” Hagrid shook a bit then said quietly “ Don’t say his name” I quickly apologized.

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