Return from the Dead

*(Read "The Hybrid" first)*
Harry is over Rachel's death. He is dating Haley and no one talks about Rachel's death. It has been almost over a year since Rachel's death and Harry starts to have dreams of Rachel as November 13 comes closer. It bothers him a lot, he tells Dr. Jones and in the exzact day as Harry leaves the hospital, Rachel returns from the dead.


3. The Return of the Twins

Harry's POV

Last year Today, Rachel died.

I can't believe it..

I was lying in bed staring at the ceiling thinking what to do..

Well, I should go to school..

Yes, I started going to Beacon Hills with Niall since we wanted to continue our education.

I got up, dressed up and headed for the school..


When I arrived, there were ambulances, police cars, everything!

What the hell happened?

I seen Jackson getting rolled out of the school and I ran to him.

"What happened?"

"I don't know. Something.. It just attacked me.. And killed him..." Jackson said pointing to a body under a blanket..

Was it a wolf attack? No, a vampire...



My eyes went wide realizing.. Or thinking..

How bout if it was Rachel?

No way.. It can't be. Don't think like that. She's dead too.

I'm going paranoid..

Rachel's POV

Well, I can see everyone I once loved..

I hate them all..

I see everyone I once wanted to save..

I don't care if they die..

It's like the caring part of me turned off.

Well it technically did..

I lay eyes on the man I once loved..

It's weird.. I feel nothing for him.. If I seen him die, I don't have no feeling for him..


I see he slightly turns and I see Haley going to his side and he puts his arm around her..

I slip off the tree I was watching everyone from..

I fell off the tall tree cursing under my breath and I sense someone coming.. I get up and run away.. As far as possible..

Harry's POV

"You didn't hear that Haley?" I said searching the area..

"No, Harry.. I think you are just going paranoid because today's your dead ex's death anniversary.." She said staring at me like I'm crazy..

"I'm not crazy Haley!" I punch a tree with anger..

Haley stumbles back..

"Whatever was here did that." I say pointing to the crime scene..

"So what are you gonna do? Search for them?"


"And once you do, what the heck are you gonna do Harry?"

"Kill them.." I say running into the woods..

Rachel's POV

I arrive into the cave..

"I remember walking into here a year ago.." I say taking steps as I talk..

"You two were dead and I thought you two might become useful in the future..."

I take a few more steps and stop in front of the ice sculptures..

"Darien and Demetri... You guys should awaken now.."

I say braking the ice and both of them drop out.. Bare.. Naked..

Darien and Demetri's vampire sides are revealed..

And they stare at me with bloodlust eyes..

They attack me..

"Fools." I mutter going to battle with the twins..

The light haired one, Darien jumped on me and started gnawing at me..

I kick him off me throwing him against the wall and Demetri's claws are at my throat..

"If I were you, I would try to run as fast as possible.." I say and Demetri claws my throat out..

My blood gush all over his hand, the floor and my neck..

I drop to my knees and I realized my sight was becoming blurry..

"Demetri, don't do this.." I say as I see the dark haired twin walking towards me and kneeling over me..

"I saved you.." I said and Demetri's fangs connected to my neck..

He was drinking my blood..

"Oh, Demetri....." I moaned and he started drinking more..

Darien came and I got my claws out stabbing their necks and they stopped drinking falling on the floor.. I kneeled in between them sending them memories with my claws..

"You guys are so stupid.. What makes you think I was going to let you that easily claw my throat out and drink my blood.." I said placing my hand over the wound and it healed.

They both sat up staring at me confused..

"Thank you, but why?"


"I burnt your family alive.. And you let me drink your blood..."

"Let's not talk about my dead family... Or I'll kill you.." I said staring at them with red eyes..

"What do you want from us?" Darien asked..

"If you haven't realized, the crybaby, the good girl, died with the old me.. All I want, or all I think about is blood.. I don't know if I want to control it, or I want to drain every single person I see." I say.

"So?" Darien says..

"I'm as cold hearted as the both of you.. I need you guys to help me control my new abilities.." I say..

I toss clothes at them..

"Wear these... You'll be going as actual school teachers at Beacon Hills.." I say...

"How?" Demetri asks.

"Compel, control, even drain the blood out of a person to become one.." I say raising my voice.

I turn around staring at them...

"Actually go as high school students.. You look too young." I say...

"What do we get out of this?"

"I think your sister goes there... And she has a boyfriend..."

"Who?!" Darien says and he is up right at my face..

"The Hybrid." I say with an evil smirk and pat his chest..

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