Like a Slap in the Face

Oliver Wood is an insufferable good-for-nothing twit.
All he does is swagger around, flaunting his Quiddich title and show off his godly good-looks. Wood is the sort of person who is bloody gorgeous and knows it. He isn't afraid to show it off either. And boy does he make an effort of strutting around, sending his petty fan girls winks. He can't keep his self-obsorbed, nosy attitude to himself, either. And the toerag can go die in a hole full of nagging, strict Percy Weasleys and sharp basilisk fangs for all I care.
But don't get me wrong, I love the guy.


4. Little Leesh

I was still absolutely livid as classes started the next day. My first class was charms, thankfully. That meant no Slytherin scum. Only an irritable Oliver Wood. 
The entire class period he spent mumbling to himself, whilst angrily scribbling down notes. Only I and the Weasley twins were aware of earlier's 'booty-slapping'. I refrained telling anyone else, in hopes that Oliver wouldn't know. Don't want him any angrier. After all, spending most of your childhood with one can make someone a wee bit protective, eh?
"Now," started Professor Flitwick. "Lets try something more advanced, shall we? How about creating our own charms, huh?" A chorus of whispering broke out among the seventh years. Even angry Oliver and I shared an interested look. From across the room you could hear Raquel's cackling. 
"Now I want you to position your wand like this...very good." Flitwick explained the basics of a charm and let us expariment on the flowers in front of us. My charm hard turned it deep pink. I found myself reaching toward it, only for the flower to sprout teeth and snap at my fingers. 
I call it the Alicia Charm. Pretty, pink, and vicious. 
I looked next to me where Oliver was examining his wet flower. No matter how much he tried to dry it, the flower just continued to leak water all over. I laughed as he began to panic, standing up from his chair, watching the water pour off the edge of the table. 
At some point we both resorted to standing on our chairs, my Alicia clutched in my hands. She kept biting me, but I couldn't let it drown. 
"What did you say, Ol?!" I said, holding onto my bestfriend. The room was chaos. 
Someone's flower was now a fireball, the water level rose to about our ankles, there was a pile of dust on Percy Weasley's desk, Raquel was admiring her once-flower-now-diamond, something smelled like cat, and somewhere, a boy was weeping. 
Good idea Flitwick. 
The class had been dismissed early so that the Professor could fix the room and stuffs. So I decided to use this opportunity to plant little Alicia. 
First I ran outside and got dirt. Yes, dirt. Then I put the dirt in a can that had once contained 'chicken in a can'. (And it did, only the chicken was still alive.) Finally, I set little Leesh on my window cell and gave her water. There. The girls will find something great. 
Plopping on my bed, I wondered if I could like switch rooms or something. Maybe I should like move permanently into the sixth years' dorm...they do have a spare bed...Yeah I'll ask them about that later.
Now, there's a free period. 
What to do...
Homework? Don't have any...
Prank? Don't feel like it...
Eat? Naw, too fat already...
Drown in the Black Lake? Sounds tempting...
Bother Oliver it is. 
I stumbled down the stairs to the common room, finding it deserted, minus a few Seventh years I don't talk to. Whistling, I walked through empty corridors, searching for my tall friend. The Quidditch field was deserted, but there was someone singing in the boys' locker room. Yeah...not checking there. 
I had already given up and was on my way back to the common room, when a door flew out and hit me in the face. 
I let out an irritable 'ow' as I fell back on my butt. "Who in the bloody–" 
"Whatch your language, Strange." I looked up and met the eyes of Professor McGonagall. And standing right next to her was Oliver. 
Now I'm going to take a wild guess here and assume he had just attempted murder with a door. 
"Sorry Professor. I just wasn't expecting the door, is all." I mumbled, standing up. "Who hit me?" 
"Sorry, Delly." Wood smiled sheepishly. I glared and snapped, pointing to myself. 
"I want a ride to the common room." I demand. McGonagall merely rolled her eyes and went back into her class room. Oliver crouched in front of me so I could get on his back. 
I bet you wish you had a hot Quidditch Captin to carry you around everywhere. 
"So what were you and Minnie chat'n about. You seem in a better mood." I chirped. 
"She gave us our time back, and is going to talk to Snape." He said. I bet he was smiling. I know he's smiling. Just to test my previous theory of how much I know my best friend, I used both my hands to feel his face. 
"What are you doing?"
"Feeling your face."
"Aye, that's me mouth!" 
"You have good teeth." 
"Ow, stop poking my eye." 
"It's pretty though–ow!" I shrieked as my evil best friend bit onto my finger. "Prick." I mumbled. 
"Hey, you don't want to injure your seeker before the first match, huh?!" I yelled. 
"We could manage without you. Our reserve isn't half bad." He accused, nonchalantly. 
"There's a joke." I rolled my eyes. "He's worse than Cho Chang. That girl can't even fly in a straight line." I grumbled, recalling the incedent where Chang had flown right into me, knocking me out cold for the remainder of the game, which just so happened to be the championship game. 
Bloody bad luck, that is. 
We came into the common room, where students sat, playing exploding snap and placing bets on the smallest of things. By the sight of us, one had shouted the most rediculous thing I had ever heard. 
"Five galleons Strange and Wood will be together by the end of term!" He shouted. 
"Dimwit!" Another said. "Wood is with that Foster chick. Ten sickles Strange 'll show up in a broom closet with Flint within the next month." Several chorused agreement, chipping in their own money. 
"Ten galleons she'll hex you to oblivion if you place one more bet on her!" I shouted, raising my wand. The group scattered imeadiately.
"Flint? That's disgusting..." I grumbled, sitting down in one of the chairs. Oliver sat on the one beside me. 
"And you'd rather date me?" Oliver grinned, clearly amused. 
"Of course, you git. This is Flint we're talkin about! At least you have a good butt." Imeadiately, Oliver's cheeks tinged red. "Flint's is flat." I said, crossing my arms. It was quiet a second before Oliver spoke. 
"You look at his butt?" 
I face palmed. "He's an attractive guy, minus the weird teeth." I shrugged. "Beside, I've pretty much looked at everyone's. I have to say, though. Cedric Diggory had the best." I said, defiantly. 
"Diggory?" Oliver laughed. "Out of all people, that little wanker?" 
"Yes, that little wanker. Just because he's younger, doesn't mean his butt is any flatter." 
"What about me?" Oliver asked, pouting. 
"You're in third. Right behind Tyler Abbott." I winked. "Now Id tap that."
Oliver looked simply appalled. "What is it with you and Hufflepuffs?" 
I shrugged. "They're hot, what can I say?"
"Heavens, it's a wonder my ickle Strange is still a virgin." He sighed, mockingly. I swatted him, motioning to the onlookers around us. 
"Must the world know?!" 
"Oops. Sorry Delly." He grinned. "You don't want everyone to know you're a virgin?!" This time he said it quite a bit louder. "Just like Percy Weasley!" 
By now my hair was most likely wild pink, meaning embarassment. Obviously. 
"Shuddup!" I shrieked, covering his mouth. The common room was in hysterics at my embarassment. Most girls lose it when they're fourteen. At most. Soon after they wizarding girls graduate, do they get married. But there are the not-so-rare occasions where they are married during their school years. "You're dead, Wood." I hissed. 
"Why are you embarrassed you're only a–"
"Silenco!" I shouted. Then I proceeded up to my dormitory, grabbing my bag. Then next thing I knew, I was already at Herbology with Slytherins. 
Today, Sprout had just-so-happened to pair me up with Marcus, who was grinning maliciously.
Oh joy. 



Urm yello. 

So I have had complaints about spelling in previous chapters and I would like to tell you that I do not care. I do everything on my mobile and going back to fix it is a pain. So no. Also, I am well aware that Harry is not in this story and Angelina, Alicia, and Katie are not sixth years. But this is my story so I can do what ever the heck I want. Love you! Kisses! 

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