Stranded with Louis Tomlinson

Veronica Stewart was just a normal girl, with a normal family, trying to be normal on a high-end cruise ship. But at a party that Veronica just has to go on. Does she go overboard with someone she'd never expect?


1. This Is Me :)

I zipped my luggage bag shut. Me and my family would be leaving for our cruise ship in just minutes. This cruise that we are going on, apparently is a very big deal, I guess celebrities from all over the world ride on it. So how does my family afford it? Oh yeah, my dad. He is Rhianna's manager. I've met her, she's sweet, but a little bit on the diva side. 

"Veronica, we're leaving!" My younger sister yelled with sass in her voice. 


I get my phone from out of my pocket and text my best friend Lillie.

Hey Girl, I'm leaving right now. I'll miss you. :) ♥

Almost instantly I get a reply. 

Okay, girl. :) I'll miss U2. Try to meet as many celebs as possible. Oh! And try to fall in love! 

I'm going to miss that maniac. I walk out the door and sit down in the car. My parents get in front, Dad in drivers seat, Mom in the passenger. That was kind of a tradition in our family, the man takes the lead and the lady lets him. I get kind of hungry and I take a bag of Flamin' hot Cheetos out of my backpack. They were my favorite snack. 

"Mom! Veronica is eating in the car!" My little brother Roger said with his tattle voice. 

"You little brat." I gave him a dirty look.

"Veronica!" My mom said with a stern voice. "Act your age." 

I roll my eyes and on to facebook. Many of people from my school have commented on my wall.. That's strange, even my sister has. 


Looks like this Vacation is going to be a little weird. 

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