Stranded with Louis Tomlinson

Veronica Stewart was just a normal girl, with a normal family, trying to be normal on a high-end cruise ship. But at a party that Veronica just has to go on. Does she go overboard with someone she'd never expect?


3. Meeting them

"Do I look okay?" I ask my sister eagerly.

"You look awesome. What about me?" 


I can't believe One Direction is on this cruise! Hopefully I don't blow it with Zayn. Zayn has always been my favorite. There is something about those deep, dark eyes. And that gorgeous face. We ring the doorbell, and immediately pose. I'm leaning against the wall with my other hand on my hip. I put on my best "sexy" face. Zayn opens the door with a confused look on his face. 

"Can I help you? Lemme guess, want an autograph?" 

I answer back shortly. 

"It'll be you asking for my autograph, when i'm done with you." 

"Listen, I have a girlfriend.. Perrie Edwards?" 

"I know." I smirk. "Oh! This is my sister, Kenzie."

"Not gonna happen." 

He almost shuts the door in our face, but Kenzie stopped him. 

"Can we at least- Meet the band?" Kenzie begs. "Please?"

She uses the puppy dog face. She could get away with murder with that face.



We step into the room, and the four boys are sitting on a couch playing Mario Kart. 

"Guys, we have company." He rolled his eyes. "This is Kenzie, and this is.."

"Veronica." I said. 

Louis looked very happy. Too bad he wasn't my type. 

"Hey there, do you lovely ladies want to play a round?" He is on his knees and he kisses my hand. 

I blush. 

"We'd love to." 

We all play for about an hour. Well, except for Kenzie and Harry, they stopped in the middle of playing and started kissing. 

We stop playing because we got bored. It was almost 11:00 p.m. 

"Well, I guess me and Kenzie better go." 

"Wait, Veronica! Would you like to go to a party tomorrow? You and your sister?"

I look at Zayn, knowing he will be there. 


"Great. We'll pick you up at 8" 

"Okay, bye! Bye guys."

My sister says good bye and we leave. When we step out the door I bang my head on the wall. 

"What's wrong, sis?" Kenzie asks.

"I totally blew it with Zayn."

"Hey, at least Louis was hitting on you." 

"Exactly." I start walking. "He's not my type."

We open the door to our room, and get ready for bed. I dress into some booty shorts since it was going to be warm, and a tee shirt, then put my hair into a messy bun. We brush our teeth and go to bed. I start to text. 

Me: Hey Girl. Just met 1D, but Zayn hates me :( Louis was hitting on me though.

Lillie: I'm sorry. But your lucky!! Most girls would die to be in your position. 

Me: Says who. Louis is not my type. Jeez I wish people could get that through their thick heads. 

Lillie: Wow, someones grumpy. If you don't want my opinion, don't tell me things. Gosh. 

Me: I'm sorry, Im just bummed out

Lillie: It's okay. 

Me: Im going to a party tomorrow night with them :)

Lillie: Oooh! Give Niall my number! ;D 

Me: Okay. Well im going to bed. Miss you. Bye

Lillie: Miss U2 Bye

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