The Program

The Program is a short story that I wrote whilst I was in a bit of a Sci-Fi mood! I'm not entirely sure what The Program, mentioned, actually consists of. I just used it as a mini writing excersise. The idea of an intelligent girl under survey for something big was randomly floating round in my head for a while and I just had to put it down in words somehow.


1. The Program

"I think she'd be the perfect candidate for The Program, sir."
The girl is sitting, behind the glass, cross legged on the linoleum floor. She is sitting up as straight as a stick, eyes glued to the screen in front of her. She is still, aside from one finger, that swiftly traces over the screen so fast it blurs. 
"And why would that be, Doctor?" A man cloaked in shadow watches intently from the other side of the glass. 
"Her test results are flying in as we speak, Sir, and they are truly flawless. Each question, each problem we have given her, she has solved within seconds." The Doctor, clad in a lab coat, scans a handheld screen. 
"I can see that. She's got intelligence, visibly. Are you sure she's appropriate for the program, though? A Girl?" 
The man , still shrouded in darkness, creases his brow. He still does not peel his eyes away from the girl in the next room. He begins to notice the smallest details about her. 
The girl's eyes hardly ever blink. They're sunk deep into their sockets, black rings from sleepless nights surrounding them. Her hair looked perfect, a curtain of chestnut hair cascading down her back, but now the man notices the tangles. The limpness of it. The hand she uses to type answers and calculate with on the screen is scarred badly. Deep lines-from a weapon?- etched into her skin, almost blending in with the creases in her pale palm. 
"Oh, of course I am sure, Sir. I know that no girl has ever entered The Program before. It is a risk that I am willing to take with your acceptance, Sir. I believe this girl is the candidate we have been searching for. She could be the key to The Program's success."
The Doctor shuffles some papers on his desk, and extracts a Manila envelope. He passes it to the man standing in the unlit area of the room, and scratches his temple. 
The man extracts the paper from the envelope. It's a file, stamped with CLASSIFIED in blood red ink. It contains everything there is to know about the girl. 
After several minutes of reading, the man hands the envelope back and nods. 
"Send her into The Program, Doctor."
The Doctor speaks into a headset and within an instant, the screen the girl stares at switches off. She gasps, dragged back into reality, and looks toward the door as two soldiers burst into her cell. 
They grab an arm of the girl each. She struggles, screams, lunges for one soldier and fails to hit him. Her cries make the glass screen vibrate against the man's hand, which is pressed to the window.
The soldier she lunged at raises a gloved fist, and punches the girl. Her head falls back violently as she's sent Ito unconsciousness. 
"It's a shame she won't co operate, Doctor. I hope that you can fix that before she enters The Program tomorrow." The man says. He steps out from the shadows and shoots an accusing glare at the Doctor. 
"Yes, Sir. She'll be fixed and ready for The Program within three hours."
"Good." The man waits for a few seconds, until the girl's screams that echo in the corridors fade to silence, then turns and walks away, back to The Program. 

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