Same Love

Emmy was just your average student at a middle/high school. She was just starting out her 8th grade year. She had a hidden secret that no one knew about...


31. The Boys

I followed closely behind Derek as we walked inside. He pulled off his hoodie put it in the closet. We walked around a corner and there were four other boys. They all basically had the same color scheme going on, so I figured that resembled their gang. They all wore a black bandana with gold lining. "This is Jimmy," Derek motioned to the most likely leader of the group. "Tommy," a blonde boy with bright green eyes looked up at me, he had such a gentle face. "Serena," I looked at him once more over. Make that, three more boys and a girl. "and last but not least, Logan." Logan had curly blondish-reddish hair and blue eyes. "Hi." I finally spoke, looking at all of them. "I'm Emmy.." My voice was super quiet and it cracked a few times. "Aren't you cold?" Serena asked, looking down at my rain splattered clothes. "Uh yeah, actually." I nodded.

Serena took me back to her room and went into a drawer. "Here, put these on. You'll catch your death in those." She handed me a pair of sweats and a hoodie. I slipped them on and I went back in the living room and sat by the fire place. "She doesn't talk much does she?" Logan looked at Derek. "She was talking up a storm to me. She must not do well in a group of people.." Derek shrugged and put a blanket around my shoulders. "Serena, can you look after her while me and the boys get dinner?" Tommy called to Serena. "Yeah." She called back.

Soon the boys left and it was just me and Serena. "Why are you so quiet, we're not gonna hurt you?" She asked, sitting down beside me. "I just miss my old life, that's all." "What did your old life consist of?" She asked, rubbing my back a little. "A girlfriend, a home, a brother, and a mother. Friends.." I sighed. "all gone now." I played with the frayed edges of the blanket wrapped around me. "You have us." She gave another slight rub on my back and then went outside to smoke.

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