Same Love

Emmy was just your average student at a middle/high school. She was just starting out her 8th grade year. She had a hidden secret that no one knew about...


22. Revenge

I looked across the gym floor and there she was, looking over at me with those amazing eyes. I had been about 3 weeks clean, all thanks to her. I hadn't purged, nor cut my skin. The scars were fading and I was okay with it. All I could think about was how much I loved Danny. She was willing to help me, something no one had wanted to do for me.

Surprisingly, that girl I had beat up stopped picking fights with me that she knew she would lose, and my mom was finally off my ass for it. Life was going pretty good right now. Unfortunately, there was still the nuisance that was my brother. I hated him. All he ever did was judge me. He was that constant reminder that I was a fat cow and that I was a "faggot" as he called me.

But that all changed when I found out he had a secret crush. I stole his phone and was sexting his crush, pretending to be him. The last text I sent came with a picture. "Suck him. Now." I attached a picture I found off of google with an extremely small dick. 'Ew! Gross! You have a baby penis! It's so small!' She sent back and blocked him from Kik. I laughed really hard at that and put his phone back. I couldn't wait until he got home from practice.

When he got home from practice, he was pissed. "Why the fuck would you do that?! Now everyone's gonna think I sent that and she'll never go out with me!" "Hey..I'm not the one with the baby penis as she called it." I giggled and went to my room, locking the door and putting in my ear buds.

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