Same Love

Emmy was just your average student at a middle/high school. She was just starting out her 8th grade year. She had a hidden secret that no one knew about...


33. Kicked Out

I peered up at the TV with a hazy perception in my eyes. My ears focused on the male anchor reporting of a missing child, saying she'd ran away. 5'4", brown hair, brown eyes, goes by the name Emmy.

That's when it hit me, they were out looking for me. Someone, whoever it was, cared enough to put up that I was missing. I felt a small smile creep up on my lips, I hadn't smiled since I was with Danny. Danny. That sinking feeling hit me once again, Danny never loved me, she'd cheated the whole relationship. That small smile quickly disappeared at that thought.

I picked myself up off the floor and walked into the bathroom. I washed my face and looked around for a towel. In my search, I found a pair of jeans with a Rolling Stones t-shirt. Thankfully, Serena had lent me some more clothes.

I carried my overly worn out body into the bustling kitchen. I tore open a package of chocolate fudge poptarts and dropped them in the toaster. I grabbed some milk from the fridge and poured my plastic cup halfway full, then turned back to the toaster, preparing for the jump of the poptarts. I stared at it anxiously and without warning, the metal part popped up, as well as my poptarts. I quickly grabbed them from the toaster and placed them on a napkin. I looked around the table and noticed everyone was staring at me. "You were on the news..they're looking for you." I nodded. "So?" Derek looked at me with emotionless eyes. "You have to go back home." My eyes went cold, but I nodded. "I'll just grab my stuff then.." I started as I looked back down at my poptart. "It's already packed, and you can eat that on the way." He pulled me up by my arm and towed me to the door. "Sorry Emmy, but we have warrants out for us, they catch you with us, we'll be put in jail for our own crimes." He opened the door and looked at me. "You gotta go. Now."

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