Same Love

Emmy was just your average student at a middle/high school. She was just starting out her 8th grade year. She had a hidden secret that no one knew about...


23. Hospitals

My morning had already started off terrible. First to start the day, my alarm didn't go off. Then, I almost missed my bus. My hair looked like hell from being rushed to get ready. When I got to school, we had a pop quiz in English, which I'm pretty sure I failed. Also, Danny wasn't at school. Which I didn't understand why until sixth period.

"Class, take your seats please." When we were all seated and quieted down, the teacher spoke again. "One of our students, Danny, was in a car accident last night. She was harmed in the accident and is in a coma. Her father said she will be fine and the doctors are waiting for the swelling to go down in her brain. So, when she wakes up, she's going to wake up to wonderful cards, made by her oh so wonderful classmates." I was devastated. My Danny was in a coma. The teacher slipped a note on my desk as she passed around the paper. It was from Danny's dad.

'Emmy, after school, could you please come down here? The doctor said while Danny was awake she was asking for you, and asking for you to be there when she woke up.'

I stuck the note in my pocket and mentally planned how I would take forth with this. After school I would run home and get my skateboard. I'd skate all the way there and stay by Danny's side until she woke up. I didn't care if it was weeks before she woke up, I was going to be there for her until she did. She was mine and I would be there for her no matter what.

After school, I did just what I had planned. I slipped out of the school and ran all the way home. I got my skateboard and left for the hospital, which was pretty close to our apartment. I went inside and found out Danny's room number. I got in the elevator and took the forever long ride up to the intensive care unit. Meeting me at the door, was a very bitchy nurse. "Family only little girl." She let out a bored sigh as if her job was so difficult, all she had to do was press a damn button. "Let me in. I'm Danny's girlfriend. In a few years we will be family! Let me in." "I can call security on you." She glared at me and I sat down on a bench with a huff.

A little while later, Danny's dad was coming up from the elevator, which I assumed he had just had dinner. I gave him a hug and the bitchy nurse pressed the button when she saw the both of us together and she said not a word.

I sat by Danny's side for hours until I noticed her eyes blinking. When she opened her eyes, I gingerly hugged her, considering her broken leg and head injury. "Emmy." She smiled into my shoulder and kissed my cheek. She smiled up at her dad. "I see my message got passed along." He nodded and went to go tell the nurse. "Emmy, the bus doesn't drop you off for another half hour, how did you get here?" She looked up at the clock on the door. "I rode my skateboard." I motioned to it, sitting casually on the floor. "God you know I love it when you skateboard." She winked at me.


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