Same Love

Emmy was just your average student at a middle/high school. She was just starting out her 8th grade year. She had a hidden secret that no one knew about...


1. 8th grade girl

I walked into class carrying my One Direction binders and new folders into homeroom. This was really the only freedom of expression we had. see, I go to a military school so, no gauges, no tongue, ears, nose, or lip piercings. You couldn't even wear more then one bracelet and it had to be a solid color with no words on it. We all wore a military uniform each day. If you got it wrong, even off centered your ranks just a little, I hope you like running, because they make you run three miles.

I'd been there for now my third year, so I knew how things worked. You stood at attention behind your desk as your teacher came in, you saluted a teacher if you passed them in the hallway, all that little solider shit. "Emily!" the teacher rasped her ruler on my desk and I jumped out of thought. "Do you have any idea what I just said? If you can't then, well damn it'd be a shame to have detention on the first day." Luckily, my friend behind her pointed to the spot on the paper we were and I read it out loud. "Good, pay more attention."

Shortly after German, I got to go to lunch. I sat with My Girls, and of course by the time I got back from heating up my noodles, the rest of my food was gone. this happens every year so now I was just used to it. After a while of tossing food towards the twins, Ariel and Alexa, I heard the lunch monitor or whatever, blow the metal whistle to tell us to clean up and stand at attention to be dismissed. I stood there, silent and stern, and we left.

I made my way down the prison-like hallway to my locker to put up my One Direction lunchbox. Yes I am 13 years old and still carry a band lunchbox. I went got to my next class and the same girl who was in my homeroom, was in my math class. I blushed a little, noticing I was staring at the bumps on her chest.

After school, I got on the bus to go home and I noticed the same girl. She looked at me with beaming eyes. "Is someone sitting here?" "Uh- I no. go right ahead." She nodded as I moved my backpack to the floor. "Emily right?" "It's actually Emmy, but yeah." I smiled. "I'm Danny." She showed her dimples a little. "Cool. I like your shirt." I smiled a little. stupid we all wear the same thing. She giggled. "We're wearing the same one." "Oh..look. we are." I looked down at my shirt and blushed. "Have you always lived here?" I looked at her. "No. I lived in Doncaster." She smiled a little. "Your accent is pretty." "Thanks...yours is um...different."

The rest of the way home was dead silence. I lived in a little apartment complex on the other side of town. In the worst building in the world. It turns out, Danny lived across the hall though, so at least now it wouldn't be so least I hoped.


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