you just don't understand (niall fanfiction)

A girl who's life goes from perfect to horrible to beter than perfect


2. theres no going back

I slowley started to wake up noticing I was still in the same dump.I had a really bad head ache he must of hit me really hard, then I remebered that I had some pain killers in my bag so I had one .I was nervous to talk to my dad so I skyped my frends intstead in a group call and we were talking for ages then they asked about me and my boyfriend jake to see how we were going I burst out into tears I had no answer so I told them I would talk later .then I skyped jake I told him that our relationships would never work out and I had more important things to worry about , I was crying and his eyes were filling up so I ended the call.I was to upset to stay here in this dump I sneekily ran through the knocked down door then down the stairs finaly I got to the front doorni slowley opened it and ran as fast as I could with out shutting the door . I ran straight ti the nearest park and sat on the swings again my eyes started to fill up .I beutifull blode boy around my age about 19 came and sat on the swings next to me he lifted my chin so I was staring into his eyes then he asked "beutifull why are you so sad "I didnt know what to say and instead tears just poored out .I recognised this boy of of the tv or something. He held my hand and looked into my eyes as one by one the tears fell out."come on gorgeous lets go for a walk around the lake" he said . I stood up and we started to walk . "If you didnt already know my names niall".

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