you just don't understand (niall fanfiction)

A girl who's life goes from perfect to horrible to beter than perfect


1. I hate you :(

Lisa's P.O.V

" dad, you know I hate this place its old and filthy I wanna got back to doncaster I miss my friends and ""Shut the hell up I'm sick of you one day you will learn when to shut up ""but dad you just don't understand""Last chance lisa , you know what's gonna happen""dad I hate you yur the worst"I ran I knew from the moment I said it its was a terrible idea I got into what my dad likes to call a room and locked the door. I heared footsteps, loud footsteps coming straight towards me.there was no where to hide.BOOM!! The door was down he slapped me straight round the face "you never say that to me again rigut"I was that scared the words just didnt come out but I stayed strong keeping the tears in I was use to this , he slapped me again but evern harder this time "r r r ri ri right d d d dad""stupid girl stuttering speek louder""so so sorry  d d dad""you never listern"POOM!! 

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