Shadow Angel

This is about a girl who is lost in the mortal world confused and alone, she decides to help other's around her but not herself. Even when she goes through issues of her own she will not take any advise, not even her own. When she makes tough decisions will he world still spin, or will it crumble ?


1. Family of Hero's


Sun sneaking passed the curtains, the summer breeze steeping in through the open window. The scent of flowers blooming in the open air and, the taste of sweet strawberries and freshly made double cream devouring  you're taste buds. That's what you would expect to think when you here it's summer but not here in Mystic Lake. All that's here is throat chocking fog, Thick, deadly mist, and damp, ice cold, fish smelling rain. Yes that about sum's up Mystic Lake besides, there's nothing to do here except go to the grocers which was three miles away from us.  Mystic lake is on a part of the island where you can only get to by hiking for three miles or, flying here by plane but that never seem's to work because well, we are on top of dead devil's mountain.Yeah it sound's like somewhere people die but no one has died here they have all died on the other side of the mountain called Heaven's eyes. 


You see a long time ago there were two kings that ruled this island but, they were both trying to defeat one and other so the one that won, could rule the whole entire island but neither of them wanted to start a war. So in the end  they split the island in half and because the mountain was right smacked down in the middle, they split the mountain in half to so that's why it has two different names, The king's haven't fought over the island for year's. Me and my family live on King Deerrison's Side ( Dead devil's )and my Uncle and his family live on King Monalion's side ( Heaven's eyes). I have one sister and two brother's all older then me i am the youngest. There's Jacob the Strong Lion (22), Andy the cunning wolf (21), Katie Wise Robin (18) and Me the stealthy fox.Our mother is called Claire the  Arrow spider and, our father is Edward the Lighting cobra.Mother and father didn't tell us how they got their names but i bet you it's an incredible story.

Jacob the oldest got his name as "strong lion" because one day while he was fishing with our dad a huge monster came out of the river and tried to attack our Clueless dad but, as it lunged forward to take a bite out of him Jacob quickly got to his feet and tackle the furious devouring beast until it moved no more, Andy the second oldest got his name "cunning wolf" because when we were all out on a day trip to see our uncle a gang of thieves came out of no where and demanded money from us even though we had nothing. So Andy cunning sneaked past the thieves and set up a trap behind them somewhere in the forest. Then he through a rock at them and they came after him next thing you know he comes back and they are never to be seen again.

Me and my sister Katie got our's together. It was a Sunday i think when we were walking along the road when a couple of horse,s came racing toward's as we could see the owner trying to gather them up but one escaped. So Katie and i searched for it and found it near a river in the wood's, Katie knew there was only one way out of the wood's so she went up towards the horse to block it's way. Then i grabbed the rope, tied it into a hoop with a tail and ,sneaked up behind the horse. Threw the rope round it's neck and we guided him home to his owner's.Katie spoke to me after we got home and asked " how did you know ?" and i asked her, " Know what ?" " Oh you know, how to get the horse and how did you do it so quickly ? " she excitedly chuckled. I looked at her confused and then realized what she men't by it and said " i don't know but it wasn't anything normal"

My name is Cathleene i am 16 years old and this is my life in a book from that very day i learn't i was much more then a girl. All i knew back then was that i was not human at all.I was something else.

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