Lost in the Shadows...

Camille Horan, not knowing what her life is about, is faced with a tough challenge. She realizes her true background, but is crushed to find out the what her family really is. There's nowhere to go...before the vampires get her.
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10. Chapter 8

"Uncle Harry!" I yelled, running towards him, giving him a big hug. Uncle Harry was always my favorite uncle.

"Cammy!" Harry said, wrapping his big arms around me. Cammy was what he always called me.

"I haven't seen you in forever!" I gasped, looking at how short he's gotten. Then it occurred to me. I got taller! Not him getting shorter!

"I know! You're so big! Last time I saw you, you were this big!" Harry said, holding his hand out beside his waist. I was now passing his chin in height.

"Yea, well ever since Dad and I moved, I hadn't talked to any family! How's Uncle Louis, Uncle Zayn, and Uncle L--" I cut off before saying Uncle Liam because we all know how he ended up.

"Louis is as annoying as ever, and Zayn is getting married!" Harry said.

"To who?" I asked, surprised.

"Perrie Edwards!" Harry said happily.

I sat down in shock and dismay. The realization of being so distant form my family hit me then.

"Wow...when are they getting married?" I asked.

"Dunno yet...but let's talk about you now.." Harry said, sitting in his chair opposite me.

I sighed. Where to begin!

"I heard about your little situation the past couple of days.." Harry started.

"How?" I asked. Has word spread that fast?

"You see, Louis has been a spy for the past couple of years. He's the reason we know about Liam's little schemes! He told me about you as soon as possible. I was shocked about you at first, but then I remembered your dad and mom..." Harry leaned back in his chair.

I stood up quickly. "Uncle Louis, is he here?!" I asked excitedly. I've been dying to see Uncle Louis again!

"I'm sorry, Cammy, he's not. He went back to work after he told me about you. You know, spying and stuff..." Harry said.

"What about my dad?" I remembered suddenly.

"You should know your Uncle Louis enough to know he went to go get Niall, or your dad!"

"Actually, I barely know him anymore!" I mumbled.

"Anyway, I heard your a half-blood?" Harry half asked, half stated.

"Half-blood?" I asked.

"I don't know what else to call you. You are supposed to be vampire, and hunter!" Harry said.

I wanted to end the conversation. All this talk about me being a half-blood, or whatever, was starting to make me nauseous again. I guess I was just hungry.

I tried to change the subject. "So, how bout you, Mr. I-now-have-a-daughter-that-my-niece-didn't-know-about-and-her-eyes-glow-when-she's-hungry-and-that-means-she's-a-werewolf-which-means-I-must-be-one-and-I-eat-squirrel-for-dinner?"

Harry laughed. "She told you, huh? Well, yeah, she's my daughter. After Summer died, I was taking care of this little baby, Arabella, all by myself!" he said.

I realized I was still standing up, and sat down quickly. "I had no idea Aunt Summer died! Or she had a baby!" I told Harry, suddenly feeling sad. Taylor was Harry's wife.

"It was after you moved. Anyway, I took care of Arabella, and about when she was 5, I noticed she had my werewolf qualities.." Harry said.

"So you are a werewolf?" I jumped up again and said.

Harry chuckled again.

Aaron, who had been silent this whole time, let a yawn escape.

Harry got up. "Well, we can talk about this later! You both look filthy and exhausted! How bout you wash up for dinner, and get settled in?" he said, patting me on the back.

I did look horrible. Ripped clothes, frizzy hair, dirt all over my body. I was ashamed for my uncle to see me like that. Plus, I was filled with sudden fatigue, and was starving! I couldn't wait for dinner.

I looked over to Aaron who looked as tired as me, with bags under his eyes.

I nodded to Harry as we walked out.

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