Lost in the Shadows...

Camille Horan, not knowing what her life is about, is faced with a tough challenge. She realizes her true background, but is crushed to find out the what her family really is. There's nowhere to go...before the vampires get her.
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19. Chapter 17

       The next morning, I walked downstairs to see Arabella the only one already at the table. I sat down across from her, and she seemed not to notice, staring at her plate, stuffing eggs in.

"Hey..." I said, faintly.

"Hey..." she said, not looking up.

"Did your dad tell you the news?" I asked.

"Yea..."Arabella said.

"How are you taking it?" I asked timidly. I didn't know how to approach Arabella. She was so young, having to hold the burden of being supernatural.

"Honestly..." Arabella looked up, her golden eyes staring into mine. "I didn't really know him. I don't know any of them. When your dad came, I was like, 'Who's this?' So, I don't know how to react."

"Honestly...neither did I." I realized we were a lot alike. My dad wasn't the only one keeping things from me growing up.

We smiled at each other. Then, Arabella looked down quickly. "I didn't even cry when my mom died. I was so young."

"If you don't mind me asking, what happened?" I asked. I had only just found out Harry's wife, Summer, had died when Arabella was 3.

"My dad told me when I got older that she went missing...and later, he found out she died. Sometimes I wonder..." Arabella stopped in mid-sentence. "Maybe she just left us. I mean we are a pretty screwed up family! Maybe she ran off to find someone better..."

"No!" I said. "Don't think that!" I stopped, thinking my words through. "She would have to have been really stupid to leave you and your father. I think you two are amazing!"

Arabella smiled softly.

Just then, someone came stumbling down the stairs. Harry pushed the big doors open, and walked zigzag down to us at the table.

His robe was twisted on his body, revealing chest hair; his hair was a mess of curls, and in his right hand, he held a almost empty vodka bottle. It was obvious he had been drinking.

I looked to Arabella and raised my eyebrows. She gave me a look saying, This happens a lot.

Harry gulped down the last of his drink, and bent down close to my face. "Hello, lovely! How's your dad doing? Is he dead too?" I turned my head, unable to cope with the nasty smell of his breath.

Harry's nose was inches from the side of my face, and I pushed him away. "What an example to set for your daughter!" I scowled.

"Oh please! I'm ten times a better father then you would ever be as a mother!" Harry screamed. He then grabbed my arm, squeezing hard.

"Harry..." I groaned. "You're hurting me!"

"Daddy!" Arabella screamed.

Harry let go, and looked at Arabella. A sense of realization struck his face, and he frowned. "Arabella...I'm sorry!"

Arabella got up from the table, her curly hair flowing behind her as she ran out of the room, crying.

Niall ran into the room a second later. "What is going on?" he demanded, his eyebrows knitted together.

Harry turned and ran out the other door that led to the greenhouse.

"Camille, are you all right?" Niall asked, noticing the growing red spot on my arm.

I nodded, stunned. I had always thought Harry was so...mature. So respectful. Sitting there thinking...maybe Arabella was right. Their family wasn't as perfect as I anticipated. Maybe Summer really did leave. Maybe they had gotten into a fight on one of Harry's drinking nights, and she couldn't take it anymore.

I turned to see Niall (dad), walking back towards the hall, and I silently got up, and headed in Harry's direction.


The greenhouse was truly beautiful, with all types of flowers growing in each section. As I looked up to the sky, I realized how dark it was getting. It was only morning, but the clouds moved over the sun, and the moon shown bright in the sky. Full.

The lanterns in the greenhouse turned on automatically, and I barely saw Harry a few yards away from me kneeling on the ground, back facing me.

I suddenly became very scared. Harry body was looking unusually distorted. I quietly took small steps towards him, but then saw what was happening.

His body became to turn a very dark color, and his back was bending very high. It was as if his skin ripped and fur grew underneath. In a matter of seconds, his body was covered in a thin fur. Then, his hands and feet grew large, and he screamed as long talons stuck out.

I was so confused, and had no idea what was going on. Then I looked up to see the full moon. The realization hit me. Full moon; Harry werewolf; full moon.

Without thinking, I cried out, "Harry!"

It was the biggest mistake I had ever made and the stupidest thing I had ever done because Harry whipped around, (even though it wasn't really Harry anymore) and his gold eyes glared at me, and his white fang-like teeth shown bright in the night.

I knew I had to run, but I seemed to not be able to move my feet. He began stomping towards me, and I screamed. Finally, I was able to run, and I ran as fast as I was capable.

I got to the door, not looking back, and pulled the handle. It wouldn't budge. Even without looking at him, I knew Harry was gaining on me.

Why was the door locked?

I did some quick thinking, and grabbed the nearest flower pot. I stepped back, and threw the pot as hard as I could, breaking the glass.

I stuck my arm in the door, and twisted the knob, unlocking the door. Then, I ran inside.


When inside, I grabbed a chair and sat up to the door handle. Harry was already there, his werewolf features terrifying to look at.

I took off down the hall, which was now pitch black. Why were the lights off? Where was everyone? What was going on?

I tripped, cutting my knee, but quickly got up, and started running again, even though my knee was throbbing, because Harry's howls were too close behind me. I couldn't see him, but I guarantee he could see me.

How was it that within moments, this mansion was a ghost town.

I ran up the stairs, doing good not to trip sense I couldn't see them, and turned on the first hall. I couldn't remember which door led to my room, so I felt for the first door I could. I harshly opened it, and jumped inside, quietly shutting it.

I held my ear to the door, not even breathing. When I didn't hear anything, I allowed myself a breath. It was too quiet.

As I finally relaxed a tiny bit, hands clasped over my mouth, and pulled me closer.


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