Lost in the Shadows...

Camille Horan, not knowing what her life is about, is faced with a tough challenge. She realizes her true background, but is crushed to find out the what her family really is. There's nowhere to go...before the vampires get her.
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13. Chapter 11

I had to go shopping. Harry had given me some money, and Aaron went with me. I got tons of clothes, and Aaron and I stopped at a coffee shop, and talked for hours. A woman asked if we were together, and Aaron said, "Yea, she's my girlfriend..."

I was taken aback. It was official! We really were dating! Just like that! And I was happy! My first boyfriend!

When we finally left, it was dark. I felt awkward because people were staring and I thought maybe they knew, but Aaron assured me they didn't.

We went for a walk down to a beautiful pond, and Aaron laid a blanket down for us.

"So I guess this is a first date!" I said, sitting down.

"Yea, this is great!" Aaron said, looking at me with his beautiful, dark eyes.

I glanced away, nervous.

Aaron leaned in for a kiss, and I kissed back, but only for a second.

"What?" Aaron asked.

"I think I heard something!" I whispered. It was dark outside, and no one was around.

"It was probably just a squirrel. Your ears are adjusting and you're hearing farther now.." Aaron said.

"No, Aaron! I want to leave! I'm spooked out!" I said, looking around. I felt I was being watched.

"Ok..." Aaron said, and we left quickly.

Once we got back, I went upstairs to take a shower.

The doorbell rang, and everyone rushed down the long flight of stairs to see who was there. There normally wasn't someone to expect.

Ben opened the door to this frazzled woman with light brown hair, and brown eyes. She kind of looked like Aaron, but no one paid attention.

The lady was breathing hard, and was doubled over in pain.

"Ma'am, are you okay?" Ben asked, pulling her in.

"They're after me!" the girl yelled, closing the door quickly.

"Who is?" Harry asked, stepping in front of everyone. We all stood there in bewilderment.

"Th-Th-" the girl was trying to get the word out.

"Never mind that, what's your name?" I asked, suddenly worried for this girl. She seemed so friendly, but so hurt. I bent down to her on the floor.

"Rylie..." the girl said, before passing out on our floor, in the middle of the hall.


A/N- Sorry this chapter's short! It's a filler chapter! :)

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