EXtrEme sOng parOdiEs

I thought of making a songs parodies!! Comment the song you want, and I will make the parody!
Wish u love it!


4. Baby

I know you hate me, 

I know you care,

It makes no sense, 

but I want you.

you want my ass,

I want your love,

so cmon, cmon, cmon  and lets make a trade.

are u paying?

girl quiete playing,

It ain't free

and  u know it.

Said there is anger girls who wanted it,

First girl to pay me,

so cmon

And I was llike money , money, money oh,

my money money money, no

my money money money oohh,

cmon and pay babe.


Lol I laughed so hard making this xD this took me to hear babe 0,0 I died during that moment, so yeah am a ghost xD 



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