How Could You?

Alex was your ordinary girl, brown hair, blue eyes. But when one accident changed her life forever, will she survive? Or will she find a certain 5 boys who will make everything better?

hellluuurrrr all my beautiful buttons(((: soo this is my new fanfic, hope you like this one as much as my other one!!((: thanks!!((:


2. You're Bad Liar

Alex's P.O.V

i was soon snapped out of my thoughts when i heard Ty say, "Good your awake." he said while heading towards me, starting to take off his shirt and pants. "Ty you promised," I said with a shaky breath, "Promised what babe?" he asked all innocent, "That'd we'd wait, I'm not ready to take car of a baby right now, I'n only 19!!!" I yelled, i saw the anger flash in his eyes, he slapped me hard cross my face, causing blood to start to come out of my mouth.

Ty's P.O.V

Wow she really is a stupid bitch, "You stupid bitch there's a such thing as a condom, it's supposed to prevent us from having one. I already put one in. Now your gonna be a nice little slut and your gonna love me like i love you, and if you don't, well then i'll make sure you'll be able to see your family again. i said while untying the ropes that were holding her down.

Alex's P.O.V

What? he's undoing the ropes, this is my chance. I could finally escape, but i would have to trick him in order to do so. Easy. He started kissing my neck, licking it passionately with his tongue, i moaned when he started going lower and lower. He soon got to my lower region and within seconds i could feel his dick in me, it hurt at first but then started to feel really good, i couldn't help but moan louder and louder as i hit the climax. As soon as he came back up, it was my turn, i started kissing him with my tongue licking and biting him, i heard him moan a few times, here's my chance. i stopped and whispered, "Wouldn't this be funner with a few drinks?" I whispered as sexy as i could, he nodded and whispered, "Damn i love you." as he kissed me really hard before i left. snuck my way over to the couch where i hade my bag in case i ever got the chance to escape, i silently put my clothes on before getting my bag and a knife, just in case. i headed for the door before i heard Ty say, "Bitch hurry up i wanna fuck you!!!" "Almost got em, 1 sec." I yelled, here's my chance, i opened the door and locked it behind me bolting to the nearest anything, i ran across the street looking back i noticed Ty wasn't even coming after me, i was free finally free, but where would i go?? before i could think of an answer i bumped into someone someone with blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. "O uhh s-sorry." I said, "Don't sweat it." He said in a ( I think) Irish accent, "You look worried are you alright?" he asked, i wanted to say no but i didnt want to get him involved with me and Ty's problems, so i just said, "Y-yeah g-gr-great." i said nervously,y was i so nervous?, "You sure?" he asked like he didn't believe me worth shit, "Y-yeah d-defin-itely, well nice meeting you.." "Niall, Niall Horan." he said with a cute little grin, did i just say cute? "Well i gotta go.. erm.." Shit i just blew it. "Wow your a really bad liar." He said, great now he knows, well at least my story's still a secret. "Ok ok, you caught me." I said embarrassed and slightly turning pink, "Well how about me and you got to the park and you can explain me this little situation that your obviously hiding from me, sounds good?" he asked, "How can i know i can trust you?" i asked super serious causing his smile to slowly fade away. He looked deep down into my eyes and said, "You can." he said with a slight smile, "Alrighty then." I said with a smile, i dont know why but i really liked this Niall kid, he seemed nice and caring, i already have a feeling that he can help me.


---- yooooo(((: soo today i went to sky zone and it was fucking awesome as hell!!! if you don't know what the hell that is it's a place filled with trampolines from head to fucking toe!!! yeah it was fucking awesome(((: so yeahh thts the highlight of my dayyy(((: it was extra funn cuz i was there with my besite!! mah BBF  she has some legit mother fucking movellas so go right the fuck now and check out justinslittleboo(((: thanks(((:


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