How Could You?

Alex was your ordinary girl, brown hair, blue eyes. But when one accident changed her life forever, will she survive? Or will she find a certain 5 boys who will make everything better?

hellluuurrrr all my beautiful buttons(((: soo this is my new fanfic, hope you like this one as much as my other one!!((: thanks!!((:


7. Just Leave

Alex's P.O.V

I woke up to a beeping noise that came from my right side and a hand in mine, i twitched a little and noticed that i didn't feel like Harry's, i opened my eyes almost blinding myself. i looked over and i was right, it wasn't Harry, it was Niall. "N-Niall?" i asked, I  threw myself in his arms to feel his warm embrace, his hugs always seem to make things better. We pulled away and his lips met mine and i didn't pull away this time, i think I've made my mind up.

Niall's P.O.V 

I was surprised she didn't pull back this time and tht she kissed back, we we're so caught up in the moment tht we didn't notice Harry standing there until he cleared his throat, we both pulled away, and you could see the anger and hurt in his eyes, uh oh.

Alex's P.O.V

"Alex can we have a word?" Harry asked gesturing for Niall to go, i gave him a nod of the head. Once Niall left, Harry started with, "What the hell was that?!?!?" he screamed in my face i flinched and saw the hurt and pissed off anger in his eyes, i got scared those were what Ty's looked like before he used to punish me, "I-I can't trust you, you didn't tell me about Taylor and when you guys were having a 3 way i noticed that YOU we're the one putting it in her!!! Niall could have since he didn't have a girlfriend but no YOU DID!!! And i noticed you were kissing her back, i know Niall wasn't because he kept staring at me a few times during it, he looked back at me with regretful eyes, you never did!!!!" i screamed, Harry looked guilty and said, "I-I..." "I knew it." I cut him off, "We're done." I said turning over not facing him. "Alex i didn't mean to-." I cut him off again, "But you did, we're done, you can leave now." I said bitterly and at the edge of tears. He did so and in came Niall, he didn't say or ask anything he just pulled me into a hug and whispered soothing things in my ear. I cried into his chest and with the hours passing by i soon fell into a deep sleep.


------ woah... anyways great news turns out the girl tht was close to kissing Harry was just a fan!!! THAT LUCKY BITCH!!!!! I am now back to normal((: Doing a 1D spirit week this week in honor of the boys having there first ever movie which i'm going to @ 7 with my best friend!!!!((: soo excited being Niall tomorrow, haha i get to b a Crazy Mofo and said turday instead of thirty(; hahhhhh :p love u all!!!! - Harrysbacktonormalbutton xxo




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