How Could You?

Alex was your ordinary girl, brown hair, blue eyes. But when one accident changed her life forever, will she survive? Or will she find a certain 5 boys who will make everything better?

hellluuurrrr all my beautiful buttons(((: soo this is my new fanfic, hope you like this one as much as my other one!!((: thanks!!((:


4. I Promise

Alex's P.O.V
I woke up to bright lights and a huge throbbing pain coming from my head. I looked around and noticed Harry and Niall siting in chairs looking at me with such happy faces, they ran to my side when I tried to get up but ended up falling on my ass. I laughed so hard that I couldn't breathe for about 5 minutes. When I finally calmed the f down I asked, "So how did I end up here?" I asked either one of them, "We ran into the bathroom when we heard a bang, Niall told me the story, I'm so sorry tht happened to u." Oh greeeaaat now Harry knows, wow who knew strangers can't b trusted??!! (Hence my sarcasm there) "Oh so Niall told you, good to know I can trust you Niall." I said while getting up and leaving, Harry grabbed my arm and said, "Whoa hey don't get mad at Niall now I begged him to tell me what happened so please don't be mad at him be mad at me." He said with such sincere in his eyes. "Alright sorry but you guys don't know the whole story, it's my fault why my parents and 2 sisters died, all of it." I said letting a few tears fall to the floor, I went and sat back down on the floor by my bed. "What do u mean?" Niall asked, "I mean they wouldn't have died if I was alive, you see the only reason they were in the car was because of me, they were leaving from my friend's house on there way home, they were only there because they dropped me off so we could carpool to you guys's concert. I never thought in a million years that tht would be my last time seeing them alive." I cried harder with my knees hugged into my chest, I soon felt 2 pairs of arms wrap around me, first Niall than Harry, Niall was saying soothing words in my ear like "it's not your fault" and " shh shh it's ok" I then heard Niall say to Harry, "Hey mate could you tell the lads what's all going on, I haven't talked to them all day." I heard Harry get up and leave closing the door behind him.

Niall's P.O.V 
I've never seen someone cry so hard in my life, it was devastating and especially from someone so wonderful as Alex, I mean honestly how could she think this was all her fault?! She couldn't have controlled the drunk driver who ran into her parents car, if anything it was the drunk driver's fault for drinking too much and driving!!!!! I hope she doesn't cut herself cause it's not her fault and she shouldn't b doing those things to her beautiful self, but I hade to check to make sure, lucky for me her hands were in the open and I could barely see them, but from what I could make out I did see marks on her wrist, and there were a lot and they were pretty deep. 

Alex's P.O.V
After I cried until I hade nothing left in me to cry out, I noticed Niall staring at my right wrist. Oh no he can see them, oh no he's gonna punish me no no I can't take another f punishment! I ripped his arms away from me and crawled to the nearest corner with my knife in my hand. 

"Alex please don't do this to yourself it's not your fault, ok you need to believe me and calm down, if anything it was the drunk driver who was driving drunk in the first place, NONE OF THIS IS YOUR FAULT." He emphasized, "No, no your wrong!!! I was the one who asked them to drive me, if I hadn't done tht than none of this would've ever happened!!!" I screamed he's wrong he doesn't know what it's like to lose 5 of the most important people in your life all because of you. "Alex sweetie your wrong, if your sisters and parents were hear they wouldn't want you blaming yourself for something that was completely out if your hands, now please just put the knife down." He said slowly reaching for the knife in my hand and sliding it to the other side of the room. I then broke again and fell right into his arms.

"I-I-I'm s-so so-sorry I-I-I thought yo-you we-were g-g-gonna punish m-me." I said stuttering from my break down. "No no sweetie I would never hurt you, only stupid ass holes do tht and I would never, that I can promise." He said hugging me and stroking my back, my eyes soon started getting heavier and heavier as time passed by and before I knew it I was asleep in Niall's arms.

I woke up in the hospital bed on Niall's chest. I slowly lifted my head and heard Niall say, "Morning beautiful." "Morning handsome." I said winking,"Your quite the pillow." I said chuckling a little, "Well I do eat a lot and well I tried to pry you off of me but you wouldn't budge." He said chuckling too and winking, "Yeahh I'm quite the cuddlier."
*later tht day*
Me, Niall, and the boys later went to there flat to hang awhile, they insisted tht I stay with them since I obviously wasn't gonna go back to Ty's place, so I said I'd stay there only temporarily until I could afford my own flat. When we got there Niall went straight to the kitchen stuffing his face with anything he could find, Zayn, Louis, and Liam went to go football and Harry showed me to "my" room, it was huge!!! It hade white walls and a giant bed In the middle, there was a walk in closet on the right and a desk and lamp on the left, I dropped my back pack and admired the room, I guess Harry noticed cause he asked, "So you like the room?" He asked, "Hell yeahh!!!!" I said with a bunch of enthusiasm, "Good." He said in a super sexy voice, "So Alex," he started, "Yeeesss..." I said stretching out the ess part, "I was wondering if you wanted to go out later, mayb for a film then dinner?" Is he asking me out? Holy shit, a dream come true. "Sure." I said with a wide grin, "Great erm just wear something casual than and we can go at around 6ish? He asked/stated, "Sounds great." I said all excited.
~~~~~ date time! ~~~~~
I put on the last if my makeup and put my hair in a french braid to the side, I was wearing floral high-wasted shorts with a crop too that hade the infinity sign on it with love written in it, and my black vans to finish the look off. I went downstairs looking for Harry and found him in black skinny jeans and a white v-neck with white low-top converse and flowers in his hand, I decided to make this more interesting and snuck up behind him and jumped on his back and screamed, "Are those for me?!?!?" He jumped but caught me and dropped the flowers, he turned me around while putting me down and grabbing the flowers off the floor and said, "No sorry there for Niall." I laughed and he handed them to me with a kiss on the cheek, I blushed while we headed for the door.

We ended up watching Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 (cute right) and since we were both stuffed with popcorn and soda we just went out for ice cream  While we were walking through the park I got this thought in my head, I thought that I really like Harry, I love him and I'm just hoping for him to pop the question (to be his gf) tonight. We suddenly stopped in front of a beautiful water fountain where Harry spun me around and kissed me really hard and passionate, it soon wasn't a kiss anymore and turned into a hot make-out session which then led to us under the tree ripping eatch others clothes off.

I woke up to sunlight in my face and surprisingly on something soft, I looked around and saw Harry next to me on my bed, wait bed? The last time i remember we were under a tree, I soon heard Harry turn over and say, "Morning beautiful." I smiled and said, "Morning.", "Erm Harry?", I asked, "Yes love?", he answered, "Well 2 things, Erm how did we get back here and did we use protection? I was super nervous I wasn't ready to take care of a baby I'm only 19!!!! "Well when we were "done" u fell asleep so I carried you back hear and yes we did I slipped one on before our date." Oh so he was just trying to get in my pants the whole time!!? I knew it, I knew this was all a scam. I got up and off the bed, grabbed my clothes and headed for the restroom, once I got changed I noticed I didn't have any other clean clothes, shit there all at Ty's place.

"Hey Harry can you drive me back to Ty's place I need to get my clothes back." I said. "Yeah thts fine, o and Alex?" He asked, "Yeah?" I said motioning him to continue, "You ok? You seemed mad when I told u I already hade a condom in." I sighed, "Yes because it made it sound like you just wanted to get in my pants the whole time." I said all pissed, "No I would never I just did just in case, I love you and I would never want to hurt you." He said while pecking my lips it was sweet but passionate. After tht we started heading towards the door when Niall stopped us and asked, "Hey do u guys mind if we stop by Nandos I'm starvin." He said, I just laughed and nodded my head.

While we were in the car I just realized that Ty might be home, "Shit." I said out loud, "What what's wrong?" He asked, "Ty, he's gonna b home!!!! Turn around forget it." I said, "No he's not after our little incident in the bathroom we called the cops and they arrested him." Niall said. "Oh thank God. " I breathed out a huge sigh of relief. "Ok you guys stay here I'll be right back." I said and they nodded. While I was walking towards the door I noticed a dark figure pass by the window, no it can't be...


----- yooooo(((: wazzup??? haha anyways hols hit who do u think the dark figure it? Ty? Or a new character? idk keep reading bitches!!! haaaa hope you enjoyed the extraaa loooong chapter!!(((: - Harrysbutton xxo

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