Adopted by Harry Styles

"Please Just give her back im begging you!" I asked him "No! She is mine now" "Please I will do anything" I told Hunter "Just give me her back please she is the best thing that ever happened to me PLEASE!?!?" He looked at me like he was going to say something " Fine here" He handed me Lux but he didn't stop there "Believe me when i tell you this Styles, this is not the last time you will see me just wait" and he left saying nothing else. I ran in the house and called the boys over......


12. Hour with Harry

Perrie's P.O.V

I was sitting in the car with a boy with really curly hair and  think his name was Harry.

"So your name is Harry right?" i looked at him curiously

"Yes it is and im thinking your probably wondering where we're going right?"

"Yup sure am" he chuckled and continued to drive. After 15 minutes of driving we pulled up to this big building and it looked familiar like ive seen it somewhere before but i couldn't think of where we were. Harry opened my door like a gentlemen and guided me inside. He checked my shoe size and gave me a pair of shoes with a long blade like thing on the bottom of them, he helped me lace them up and put some on himself. We entered a huge room that had a huge piece if ice in the middle so i knew we were at an ice rink, what i realized was the ice rink was totally empty! He glided on the ice and skated some laps untill he came up to me,

"Your turn lets go" i stood up and followed him to the ice, "do you remember how to skate?" he asked me

"Not really can you help me?" he grabbed my hand and pulled me around the rink.

"I can do it myself now thank you Harry" he let me go and i glided on the ice, "Harry we should see who is you wanna race"

"Of course im always up for a challenge!" I quickly was a head of Harry but he sped up and skated in front of me. He started skating backwards and was looking at me. I decided to try to skate backwards and I succeeded at it. I saw Harry was getting faster and he didn't look back so he bumped right into me and i fell right on the ice. Harry turned around and looked at me

"I am so sorry I thought you took a break" he held his hand out to help me up. I felt 'de ja vu' like this happened before. I stood up and went to go sit down on the bench. "are you okay i am really sorry"

"Im fine so are we leaving now im getting kind of hungry" he nodded and took off his skates so i did the same. We sat in the car and he already knew where we were going to go.


Harry's P.O.V

I drove to Perrie's favorite resturant to see if it will bring back any memories. We drove to Applebee's and sat in a booth seat,

"I will have a cheese burger and some apple juice and she will have the chees burger sliders with some pink lemonade thank you" i told the server. "So does any of this look famliliar?" Perrie looked around

"It looks a little bit familiar like i've seen it before." The server brought out our food and drinks and Perrie immidiatly said "These are my favorite!" i looked at her confused "Harry?" Perrie loked at me 

"Perrie do you have your memory back?!" "yup i cant believe it i was regaining my memory when you bumped me down at the ice rink...I knew that happened before in my life!"

"We should go tell the boys!" I said to her

"No, not now, let me go on that hour with Zayn and make him feel like he gained my memory back he will just be crushed if he finds out that he didn't get his own fiance's memory back but his mate did okay?" i nodded in agreement. I cant wait to see what Perrie can pull off, i thought.

"So are you ready to go?"

"Yup im stuffed!" We drove home and Perrie went upstairs to Niall's bedroom because of the whole 'pretending thing.'

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