Im harry styles sister?!?

Hey there im talia and im 13 im an only child... Or so i thought


6. Canadas wonder land

~Talias POV~   We arrived at Canada's wonder land at 10 and we got fast lane passes so we didn't wait in line. "So where r we gonna go first?" I said about to hop out of the car "not so fast" harry said while pulling me back "put theese on he said pushing a sweater and sunglasses to me" i looked at him questionably "just do it" he said, i nodded and quickly put them on, all the boys had them on too "so on to the leviathan?" Niall asked "YES" we all screamed in unison "lets go" i said.     The minute i stepped out of the car i saw why he told me to put my sunglasses on there were paparazzi everywhere! "Harry is this your sister?" I heard one ask "talia over here" another one said i couldn't resist i turned around pulled my glasses down and gave them a smile before the guards started to push them away, when we got into the park tons of fans bombarded us asking for autographs the boys signed some and even i was asked to sign some and take some selfies with some fans.   "All right who's going where" the man asked "me and Niall in the very front and the rest in the row behind us" i replied and we took our seats as the coaster started to roll out of the start place "Talia" niall said "yeah" i reply looking at him "im scared" he said i giggled "calm down its so much fun" i squealed while squeezing his hand "omigod where at the top" louis screamed "IF U GUYS DONT PUT UR HANDS UP IM GONNA RUB IT IN YOUR FACES" i screamed at them and then we dropped i took Nialls hands and threw them up in the sky "FUCK TALIA" he screamed and i just laughed "Your such a baby" i replied when the roller coaster   Ended we went to see our pictures "oh god im dying" zayn said between laughs as he pointed at me and Nialls picture, i was smiling but Niall looked like he ate something sour while trying to take a crap but he's constipated "hey!" He screamed at me "CRAP did i say that out loud?" "Yes yes you did" harry said between laughs and suddenly all of us were laughing while Niall was staring at us pouting "aww wee lamb" i said to him which made us all laugh harder.     After the day died down we decided to head home to sleep.
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