True Blue

You think that once you see your family you'll grow to love them. or once you see you're baby girl you'll love her, right? Well, maybe to your family it is.

This is the story of Blue Skyes and, though it's not a pretty one, it may have a happy ending.

In this story Blue meets her worst nightmare, who turns out to belong in her dreams. One Direction may be nice lads ON camera, but what about OFF it?

4. 4

So it has been about a week since the One Direction boys drove me back to my dads house. Yeah, I don't live there anymore. After I was dropped there he threw me into the garden and chucked all my clothes out there too. So, I've been living in my old tree house for a week. Since then, the boys called once but I told my dad to send them away.  So they left and haven't yet been back. Did I mention that I am living in the treehouse? Well, this treehouse was built by Niall's dad when I was about 5 because my dad couldn't do it as he has MS. 

Well, here I lie, listening to Moments, alone. This is my only escape. School started back yesterday, so I went. But I didn't go today, I couldn't, they hurt me. They shout horrid things. That's it. I'm done. They can all go to Hell for all I care.

(warning! This part of the chapter includes self harm and abuse.)

 I can hear them, the boys. Next door. They're playing football, and taking.

"Did you see her eyes though? Looked like she'd been crying. And she was covered in bruises."

"Yeah, but she's lived next door her whole life. I haven't noticed that before."

No. They're talking about me.

"HEY KID! GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE NOW!!" No no no. Tell me they didn't hear that.

So I went into the house and there he was, stinking of beer, and holding a knife!?! No! I just freeze, I can't run, can't even breathe. Then he lunges, and I can't even scream, but I do when he breaks skin. The knife, it's so cold, I'm so cold. I just can't stay awake. As my eyes start to close, just before I black out the last thing I see is that monster being pulled off of me and a set of brilliant blue eyes.

I am Blue Skyes and I think I'm dead.

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