Burned Too Bright

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  • Published: 22 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 22 Aug 2013
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This is a poem inspired by my favourite celebrities. People don't always notice how much they actually struggle with their fame - all they can see is how everybody loves them, how they can buy whatever they want and how it seems like they're living their dream. Well, imagine not being able to go outside without getting mobbed. Imagine having people criticise the ones you love the most. Imagine not being able to see your close friends and family because of your busy schedule. Imagine having to live up to your image every single day. Imagine not being allowed to look just a little sad for one single day because that will fuck everything up. It's not always easy with all the rumours and I hope people will understand that after reading this.


1. A poem.

On a television, I saw a star
Burning bright, he'd come so far
And everybody loved him, oh how they did
But that was back then, he was just a kid

In the newspaper, I read about a star
He'd met a girl, people found it bizarre
But they still loved him, how could they not?
But that was back then, we're still missing a lot

In a picture, I saw a star
He seemed really happy, strumming a guitar
And people really loved him, his eyes and his hair
But that was back then, that time is rare

In my country, I saw a star
Surrounded by fans, could he reach his car?
All my friends loved him, screaming his name
But that was back then, such a shame

In an article, I read about a star
He'd changed a lot, always sitting at a bar
True fans kept loving him, saying it was just a phase
We now all know he couldn't be saved

In a letter, I read a goodbye-note from a star
He'd lost himself in a mental war
Even I cried, he'd taken his life
I hope you've learned that fame has a price

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