Zayn Malik's not so Little Sister

Tiffany Alvord Malik is zayn Malik's little sister. She is only 16. She is dating Niall horan, and Niall is 19. Tiffany's mom and dad made her date Niall. She doesn't like Niall, the one that she likes is Harry styles. Zayn Is Ina a band named one direction. What happens when Tiffany breaks up with Niall, would he take it good or bad?? Would Harry styles fall in love with her too?? Would another of the one direction boys fall in love with her too??

FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN Zayn Malik's Little Sister!!!!......


3. Chapter 3:

Ashely POV:

The next day me and jade went back to my house, with the moving truck. Everything was packed into the moving truck. Things were going great until the boys came. I told jade lets hurry hide come to my room. We went up to my room. We were hiding in the closet. I decided to face them and go downstairs. Me and jade walked out to go downstairs. When we were down all the boys faces turned to us. I stared at zayn. He stared at me back. I shrugged it off, and went outside. I came back inside because I forgot one of my bags. I got money. Then I went back downstairs with jade. The boys blocked the door. I screamed I have another way out. I went upstairs again with jade and opened my window and got out. " you're going to fall " jade told me. The boys came up and saw what I was doing. I was going on the edge, when I slipped. I hold ex on the bar on the edad. But it Was breaking. It wouldint last long. My feet were dangling from the for. This is a three story House. Its pretty car up. I felt a screw unscrew. It went a bit down. I screamed. All the boys were staring. " are you going to stand there or help her " jade said. Zayn Came over to where i Was, he grabbed my hand but it Was no use. The boys and jade Came to help, but it Was still no use. People on the ground were pilong up to see what Was happening. One of the side broke it went even more downer. Then the other side broke it only left the middle screw. The boys slapped on my hand and fell also with jade. The middle broke so i head on the este. The bar on top fell on the ground. One of my hands slipped. I kept screaming zayn , zayn , zayn help me and ill tell you the secret ive kept. Zayn got my hand and pulled me when i fall again. I still hold on the Room top. Zayn grabbed my hand once again. He pulled me and took me inside.i Was trembling in fear. I Was hugging zayn. He sat down and said " what Was it that you want to tell me something about a secret". " yeah its umm can they get out of the Room" i told him. Zayn told them to leave. I told jade to leave. Once were alone i started to talk again. " well umm you know when we i Was eating niall, i didint like him at all my mom Ana dad made me date him. All he wanted to do with me is have sex and he is older than me. But one time i said no he got me and i could tell niall Was drunk. He got me and had sex with me .i told him. He sighed and said im going to beat his ass up. I said no zayn just leave and zayn sat on the bed and watched tv.

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