The Turning Point

THis fanfiction is about a new girl called Angie shes 18, from Puerto Rico and has recently moved in to London. She likes Harry Styles but somehow ends up falling in love with the one and only Zayn Malik.


2. Who is he?

"So you moved from Puerto Rico to this little place of shit?" Harry continuos but doesn't take his eyes away from my face.

I lift my shoulders and don't know what to say. "Do you want to sit with us?" Harry asks when I was gonna sit alone. "Thanks" I say and sit with them."I got a question" I say and try to get everyone's attention. They turn their attention to me and wait patiently on what I'm gonna ask. "Who is he?" I ask curious and point at the black/bad/smoking lad. Louis wrinkles his nose in disgust and mumbles something I can't hear. "Zayn Malik". "Our schools bad boy". Harry answers and quickly fills his mouth with food."He has slept with almost every girl in our class." Harry says.I can't take my eyes away from him for a reason. "He is handsome to be honest, but not my type of boy". "Stay away from him". Liam says and Harry nods in agree."He is trouble.

After lunch we have English class, my favorite subject. Or at least was. I walked to the class and I'm five minutes early. And when the bell rings I sit alone behind Harry and Louis. The English teacher walks in and starts talking about a project we're going to start on. "You have to find a partner in the end of this lesson and I thought you could choose what kind of English accents you want to present about". Mrs.Richardson said clearly and just when she stops talking, Zayn walks in. "Sorry". Zayn says and some girls start to laugh of his charm. Of course I am the only one who doesn't sit with anyone, so he sits beside me. 

He doesn't even say a word, just sits there. I try to say something, but I'm a bit worried to make fun of myself. But as Liam said, I should stay away from him. He's trouble. "Your Angie." Harry whispers. I just nod and don't want to meet his eyes. "I'm Zayn". He says but I keep listening to the teacher. I know he is a flirt, so I ignore him. "Is something wrong?" He asks. "No". I answer sharp, and turn my attention to him.

Our English teacher shows us how we could present the project and how long we have to finish the project. "Ok, so the easiest way to make two and two groups is to work with you neighbor". I look to my right... Harry looks down at the desk with a smirk on his face.


















































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