The Turning Point

THis fanfiction is about a new girl called Angie shes 18, from Puerto Rico and has recently moved in to London. She likes Harry Styles but somehow ends up falling in love with the one and only Zayn Malik.


4. He is Different!

After about 15 minutes, I stand up and walk out if the class. I literally run until someone grabs my hand. "What have I done to you to make you hate me so much?" He asks and I turn around to meet his eyes."I don't hate you..,I just dislike you". I lie and get loose of his grasp. "No you hate me"."What have I done?" He asks. "First of all, you don't do shit- this project is so important!  "You flirt with girls and in some way you try to make me like you or I something." I say angry. He stands in front of me and slowly comes closer. His fingers go through my hair and his smirk isn't there anymore.

He looks deep into my light brown eyes and I feel myself blushing. Zayn's dark brown eyes are shinning. For every second he moves closer and closer. His face moves closer and our lips are only inches away from each others."What's going on?" A voice asks and Zayn stops with whatever he is doing. I turn around to see Harry standing near. "Nothing". I say and look at Zayn who is avoiding Harry's eyes. There is this awkward silence. I get worried when I see how Zayn is acting. Zayn seemed dime kind if a boss, but now he us different...

Zayn walks  away and I get even more worried. "I just saw you walking out of the class and I got worried.


"I'm home"!!! I shout hen I step inside of my new home."Hello sweetie" . "How was your day?" 

Mom asks when she walks out of the kitchen. "Good". I say. Mom sits down on the vouch and fill herself with one nuts before she offered me some; I sheke my head and wait upstars. My room is quite big and u actually love it more than my last room in the lovely city of San Juan. I miss Puerto Rico. Not just the sight, smell and feeling but just being there. Being in Puerto Rico and hanging out with my friends...

I lay down in my bed. Questions go through my head, but not about Puerto Rico... Why did Zayn act so weird around Harry? Was it because of me? Is Marcus as bad boy as I thought? While thinking about the day I silly fall asleep!

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