When We Run

Your life can change in a heartbeat.
I walked downstairs and when I came back, everyone was dead and everything was over. But I survived and I ran.


5. 5.

I wake up and jump with surprise as I am nose to nose with Evan. He wakes up, frowning and rubbing his eyes.

"Oh my god." I breathe, scooting away from him. "You scared me."

He scowls. "I could say the same to you."

Great. He is being horrible again. He must have just been nice in his tired state.

"What time is it?" he mumbles.

"I don't know."

"You've got that mobile have you not?" he raises an eyebrow.

I feel stupid for forgetting and I search my pockets, looking for it. I finally get it and click it open. At first I see that it is ten in the morning but then I see a text from Sam. My heart skips a beat and I quickly open it. It just says a random collection of letters, but I know this. He would have just typed them to send something, to let me know he's okay.

"Oh my god." I jump up, rushing to the stairs. It's a lot easier to move now as Evan put some sort of wrap around my ribs, somehow holding them in place. It's not preventing me from moving in anyway, it's kind of perfect. 

"What is it?" he asks. "Holly, wait."

But I'm already rushing up the stairs. Sam is alive. Most likely. I have to try and find him, even if I have no idea where I'm going. I just have to run. We have been best friends since we were twelve and we've shared everything since then. He is one of the only other people in the world that is important to me. Him and my mom. I know it's impossible for my mom to be alive and it hurts, but I don't have time to think about that.

"Holly!" he calls, running up the stairs after me. He may be faster at walking and running, but when I have this much adrenaline running through my veins, it's not hard to escape him. I throw the door open and run, avoiding all of the rubble. I don't really know where I'm running; I'm thinking of going back towards the school. He might be hiding out there.

"Holly!" Evan shouts, one final time and he tackles me to the ground, twisting me over and sitting on my ribs, holding my arms down to the ground.

"Ow!" I shout. "Get off!"

He shifts his weight a little bit so he doesn't hurt me as much but I still can't move.

Evan catches his breath. "Where are you going? I asked you what the freaking time was!"

"He's alive." I breathe. "I need to find him-"

"Who's alive?!" he asks, exasperated. "Just tell me!"

"Sam." I say, as if it's obvious. I can't bring myself to actually tell Evan about Sam, our nice little best friendship is private. Not even my mom asks for the details. "Please, get off, I'm going to get him."

He sighs, considering options in his head. "Holly, I don't know what is going on with all these bombs. I don't know who is behind it, why they did it. I don't know if they're going to come and look for people or going to drop more. We'd be safer down there."

"I'm not asking for you to come with me and I'm not asking for your permission." I say firmly. "I'll come back when I find him-"

"Will you though?" he questions. "You could get caught or killed. Please just stay here."

"Why do you care?!" I demand. "You're horrible to me one minute and the next you're nice to me."

"I just want to make sure as many people as possible are alive." he scowls. "Nothing personal."

"I'll come back alive and bring someone else." I narrow my eyes. "Promise."

He stands up in one effortless motion and steps off of me. "Make sure you do."

I don't give him another look or another word, I just run off, to the school.


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