When We Run

Your life can change in a heartbeat.
I walked downstairs and when I came back, everyone was dead and everything was over. But I survived and I ran.


35. 35.

Everybody else is pulled out after me and held by other people behind me, but I seem to be the main focus here. The guy holding me is holding me in the same grasp Evan did when he first found me and it hurts even more this time. He seems quite young, maybe about twenty three, from the brief moment I got to identify him.

"Who are you?" he growls in my ear.

"Why the hell would I tell you?" I hiss.

He pulls on my arms and legs more, pulling all of my muscles. I yelp in pain and Evan tries to run forward, but the girl holding him stops him.

"Get the hell off her!"  he screams.

I feel the guy holding me turn his head and laugh at Evan. He turns back to me. "You found a boyfriend through all of this? You are pretty cute. I wouldn't say no-"

"I'd stop talking about her that way before I snap your neck." Evan growls.

The guy waves him off. "Who are you? Tell me or I'll kill the blonde guy." he says, pointing a hand gun to Sam.

I turn to Sam who is looking surprisingly brave. I feel a wave of love and protectiveness over him.

"I'm Holly, that's Evan and Sam and my mom and Jane." I say in a rush. "We all survived the bombs because we had underground hideouts. Who are you?"

"Jake." he says, letting go of me and smiling a little smirk. I take a proper look at him for the first time. He's quite good looking, handsome, I suppose. He's got blonde hair that looks like it's styled up but not in a spikey way. He has a chiselled jawline that isn't too much and a really arrogant look in those deep brown eyes. He's already annoying me.  "This is Rose, Keira and Jason. We survived underground at the university."

They all seem around the twenty three age as well. Rose is a small, petite girl with ginger hair rolling down her back and a smile on her face. Keira is a typical model; she has long legs and a slim figure and high cheekbones with her hair pulled back into a braid. She also looks quite calm and happy. Jason is kind of like Sam except with dark hair and glasses and he also looks pretty relieved and happy.

"Can we, uh, come in then?" Jake asks.

"What?" Evan asks, still furious. Not at the others, only at Jake, I think. He storms over and puts a protective arm around my waist. "After you threaten to kill us and tell Holly you 'wouldn't say no'?"

"Of course you can." my mom cuts in.

"Joanne!" Evan protests.

"We don't know how many people are left that are good, Evan, these good people are staying with us." she says firmly and opens the door for everyone to climb down the stairs.

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