When We Run

Your life can change in a heartbeat.
I walked downstairs and when I came back, everyone was dead and everything was over. But I survived and I ran.


32. 32.

Straight away, I jump out of bed and start looking around the house. All of the doors to the rooms are locked too. I suddenly feel empty and scared and kind of ashamed. I'm an idiot. I'm locked in a house to do something I don't want to do and I can't even get the answers. Anxiety washes over me as I realise just how bad this situation is. That man is dangerous and I'm locked in here. I need to leave before he comes back.

I've never been good at being alone in hard situations. I suddenly just get all panicked and freak out and that's exactly what happens now. I start breathing heavily and trying to kick the front door open, even though it's getting me nowhere when suddenly I hear a voice.

"Holly?" Evan calls from outside. "Holly!"

"Here!" I shout, running to the window. It's boarded up completely do I run to the one upstairs and look down and there Evan stands. I completely forget about us forgetting each other, just for now. I just want to get out of here. "The man's gone all night, I can't get out and I can't get answers, he locked every door."

He looks worried but determined. "Can you get out?"

I shake my head.

He sighs, looking around. "One minute." he shouts.

All of a sudden, he's climbing up the pipe on the wall and he's level with me at the window. He gestures, asking me if I can open it and I shake my head. Gripping onto the pipe with one arm, he uses the other to try and pry the bar away. It takes some effort, but he manages it to my surprise. 

"Smash the window!" he yells through the glass.

I panick, still anxious, looking around the room for something to smash it with. I take the painting off of the wall. The frame is huge and heavy so I start hitting the glass with it and it breaks almost instantly.

"Now what?" I sigh, my breathing finally normal now I know I can escape and now I'm not alone.

"I'm coming in." Evan says, sounding tired but slightly relieved and he swings through the window with complete ease.

I turn around, hanging the painting back up. When I turn back around, I'm about to try and make some sort of awkward conversation with Evan but he kisses me before I can. I don't know how to describe the kiss but it's strong and fuelled and I kiss him back even though I know we're going to have to try and forget each other again soon, but I can't help it.

I pull away and look at him. "We-"

"Have to forget about us again soon, I know." he finishes for me. "But like I said when I first met you, I'm only human. There are some things I can't resist and one of them is you." he says firmly but caring.

I push away from him and sit down on the bed, looking down at my hands to avoid looking at him. "You're caught up in a fairytale." I say, sadly. "You're letting your emotions take over-"

"I was depressed." he says, absolutely. He sits down beside me and tilts my chin up so I look him in the eye. "I was depressed for four years, since I was fourteen. When all the bombs went off, I was still recovering. I knew I was happier, but I also knew that I needed something. I thought the world ending would make it worse, but it brought me to you and it turns out you are exactly what I needed to make me happy again. I spent four years of my life completely numb and all of a sudden, I'm overwhelmed with emotion for you so yes, I am letting my emotions take over because I'm not going back to feeling so low that I don't feel a thing."

I take a minute to let it all sink in. I realise that I don't know anything about Evan's life before we met. I just figured it was normal like all of our lives, but it wasn't. He was miserable and I helped that. That just seems ridiculous to me, I can't even believe it. I've never been able to have an effect on anybody. The only boyfriends I've had have treated me like crap even when I loved them and then they just left me because they got bored. It's strange having somebody that actually needs me.

I realise I'm in a daze and look up at him. He's just sat there, looking at me expectantly.

"I don't know what to say." I say apologetically.

He laughs, shaking his head. "How long is your new boyfriend away for then?"

I punch him playfully. He's lightening the mood on so many levels which I'm thankful for. "One or two nights."

"Well, this is a nice house..." Evan shrugs and starts pacing. "There's a nice pool in the garden..."

"You're not suggesting we stay here and swim." I say, bluntly.

Evan grins. "Come on, when was the last time we had real fun? And there's a hot tub..."

To be fair, I'm freezing right now and a hot tub sounds like the best thing ever to me, so I just grab Evan's hand and we run down the stairs laughing. He's right. We haven't had proper fun for ages and it'll be nice to do this. Why not make a positive out of a negative?

When we run out into the garden, it's almost pitch black other than the moonlight but I barely notice because Evan lets go of my hand and takes off his shirt, still running and cannon balls into the pool, causing a huge splash. I laugh at him and go into a corner, shyly stripping down to my underwear and going to the edge of the pool. All of a sudden, I'm all modest.

"Is the water cold?" I ask, nervously, but still smiling.

"Not in the slightest." Evan promises.

I take his word for it and jump in. He lied. It is freezing cold and it takes my breath away. I swim to the surface, gasping for air and splashing him.

"You liar!" I laugh and keep splashing him.

He laughs, splashing me back and diving under water. Within a minute, I'm being lifted up and I'm on Evan's shoulders, out of the water and it's a lot colder up here, making the water seem warm.

"Let me back in!" I squeal and he laughs, gently letting me back in the water.

As soon as he lets me go in the water, he grabs my waist again, and pulls me to him, smiling playfully and I'm not gonna lie, he looks pretty damn hot.

"Why must humans feel this inevitable need to be close to the people they love?" he murmurs, still smiling. 

I giggle like a little girl, linking my hands together behind his neck and shrugging. "I don't know."

"It's really not a good thing when I'm supposed to be staying away from you." he says, leaning in to kiss me.

"Oh yeah!" I grin playfully and push away from him, floating to the other side of the pool. "You are meant to be staying away from me, aren't you?"

"What? No!" he says. "No I'm not."

He swims towards me but I get up out of the pool. "Come on, let's go inside. It's freezing."

He nods, grabbing his shirt and passing it to me to put on because the clothes I had on before were quite sparse seeing as I was trying to get in the man's house. Evan's t-shirt comes down to my thighs- high up on my thighs, but decent enough for me.

We go inside and dry off a bit, before sitting down on one of the massive luxurious couches in the massive luxiorious living room in front of the massive luxurious fire. Evan and I don't sit far apart, but we don't cling to each other like we would have a couple of days ago.

"Why did you come here?" I ask, suddenly realising I never got an answer about that. I don't ask it angrily or anything like that. I'm just calm and so is he.

"I missed you and I was worried about you and I knew you'd come here so I followed." he says, looking sideways at me. "I was kind of hoping you'd just let us be like normal."

I look at him too. "You know I wish I could. I miss being with you like that. But it's just something we've got to get used to."

"I don't want to get used to it." he sighs, sadly.

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