When We Run

Your life can change in a heartbeat.
I walked downstairs and when I came back, everyone was dead and everything was over. But I survived and I ran.


3. 3.

I wake up what seems like ages later. I don't actually open my eyes, I just keep them closed, remembering everything and trying to stop the pain in my ribs. I don't even get a chance to open my eyes before I'm being yanked up and held against somebody.

Ignoring the pain in my ribs, due to them being moved around, I take a second to think. Whoever is doing this is strong. It's obviously a male due to the tall, strong, build and he knows what he's doing. I am facing away from him and he has my arms pulled back and held with one of his hands while the other arm is pressing in on my sore ribs to keep me in place. His legs break through both of mine and he stands on my feet from where he's stood. If he let go of me now, I'd just fall right on my front.

"Who are you?" he hisses angrily in my ear. "Why are you alive?"

"Oh." I laugh bitterly. "So you're one of the people who did this-"

"Don't even suggest that." he pulls on my arms, making me yelp in pain. "I just survived. Are you one of the people who did this?"

"No." I say. I really want to kick him where it hurts, but it's impossible for me to move right now. "My teacher has a hide out that stops any bombs. I was just in there before the attack happened and I missed it all."

The guy relaxes a little and frees me. I want to run away from him but I stay. There is actually another person here and he seems about my age, maybe a bit older, maybe nineteen? His jet black hair is all ruffled across his forehead, his blue eyes pop compared to the dirt on his face and he is actually quite lean, but still muscular like I expected.

I stand a couple of feet away from him, scowling at him and catching my breath. I am trying not to wince about my ribs and to my surprise, I'm succeeding.

"Don't run." he says, but still angry at me. I don't know why. He's obviously taken all of the power for no reason.

"I wasn't planning to." I say, firmly.

He half manages a smirk. "Wow, you're pissed off-"

"Of course I'm pissed off." I say in a low voice. "The entire city has been destroyed. My friends and family are most likely all dead and now there's a complete asshole pushing me around."

His amusement fades. "I have a name, my name is Evan."

"Oh well that's awesome!" I say in a fake cheerleader voice. "I'm Holly and names are important right now."

He laughs bitterly. "I may be an asshole, but at least I'm not stupid."

"Oh and I am?" I cross my arms defensively.

"Sleeping in the middle of the wrecks here?" he points out. "Sleeping at all right now? You should have waited until you were safer-"

"And when am I ever going to be safer?"

"You're safer with another person, you're lucky I found you-" he proclaims.

"Oh yeah I can't believe my luck." I say bitterly.

"Well, you keep finishing my sentences." he smiles sarcastically. "Now, come on, we've got to move."


"How do you think I survived?" he glares at me.

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