When We Run

Your life can change in a heartbeat.
I walked downstairs and when I came back, everyone was dead and everything was over. But I survived and I ran.


23. 23.

Holly's point of view.

We drive for hours and hours, still not finding anything that hasn't been destroyed. I don't understand what's happened. I don't understand who would literally want to destroy the world. It must be happening in other countries otherwise someone would have helped us.

I also can't believe I was one of the few people to survive. All my life, I've been sort of unlucky. I never won any competition or anything like that, I was always just the one that nothing happened to. All of a sudden, everybody is dead but me and my best friend survived and found Evan. It seems impossible.

"Woah." Sam says, pulling the car to a halt. "I swear I just saw someone..."

He was right. A woman comes up to the window and opens the door. She must be about forty, with blonde curly hair and bright blue eyes with a few creases around them.

"Oh my God, Holly!" she says, sounding shocked.

Evan shuffles in front of me slightly and I just stare at the woman. "Who are you?" I ask.

"Don't you remember me?" she asks, confused. "I guess you were young when you last saw me... I'm your godmother, Jane."

It clicks. I had heard a lot about Jane, she's my mom's best friend but we never see her because she lived far away. I've heard loads of stories about her though from when my mom and her were teenagers.

"Jane!" I exclaim, suddenly full of energy. "What-"

"I've got a place." she says. "Your mom is there with me, she's fine, it's underground and we've been hiding."

"Can we come too?" I ask, but all I'm thinking is Mom's alive, Mom's alive, Mom's alive.

Jane jumps in the car with Evan, Sam and I and we start driving.

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