The Surprise Attach

A girl named Sophia, gets invited to a Justin Bieber concert with her friend! She really doesnt like Justin at all! But she goes becuase it was her friends birthday. When they were at the concert, surprisingly, Sophia gets picked as the "One Less Lonley Girl." Does her friend get mad? Does Sophia start likeing Justin Bieber? Find out, and read this book!!!!:)




Sophia rang Angelas door bell at least five times. "Oh hello Sophia. Sorry about the doorbell, it needs some fixing, we cant hear it as well in here." Said Angela's mom. "Oh its ok. Um, is Angela here?" Sophia asked. "Why yes she is, come in." "ANGELA SOPHIA IS HERE!!!!' Yelled her mom. "Coming!" Replied Angelea. "Hey Sophia! Come up in my room, I have something to show you!" She said to Sophia excitedly. "So what? Did you get a manicure, or get tickets for a soccer game?" Asked Sophia. Angela has a probem bragging a lot, so Sophia had an idea that she got something exciting for herself, that she wanted to show Sophia! "Nope, not even close." Suddenly, Anglea started grabbing tickets of some sort out of her pocket." "NO WAY! U GOT MAROON 5 TICKETS!!!???' Sophia screamed. She was a big fan of theres. "Even better! JUSTIN BIEBER BELIEVE TOUR TICKETS!!!" Screamed Sophia, running everywhere, jumping up and down. Sophia looked at her a little disappointed because she didnt exactly like Justin Bieber, in fact she kind of hated him, because all she thought was he was a famous rich person, who spends his money on stupid stuff. She was just happy she wasn't going, until.... "And you are coming to!!!! Because this was my birthday gift, and i wanted my BFF to come with me." Said Angela practically screaming! And if you havn't noticed, Angela is a really BIG believer! She knows every single fact about JB, and had posters of him plastered allll over her room. And all Sophia could think in her mind was "Why me?" 

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