The Surprise Attach

A girl named Sophia, gets invited to a Justin Bieber concert with her friend! She really doesnt like Justin at all! But she goes becuase it was her friends birthday. When they were at the concert, surprisingly, Sophia gets picked as the "One Less Lonley Girl." Does her friend get mad? Does Sophia start likeing Justin Bieber? Find out, and read this book!!!!:)


1. The beginning


It was 10:00 in the morning, on a Saturday. A girl named Sophia, got up, and went downstairs to get breakfast. Sophia had blonde hair, blue eyes, and was rather tall. She was 16 years old, and was going into gr. 11 after summer break. "Sophia, I have to go and drop your brother off at hockey practice, are you ok here alone?" Asker her mother curiously. "Um, what am I 10?" Said Sophia. "Ok, well call me if you have any problems." And her mom shut the door and left. Sophia only had a mom, and a brother. She knew that she had a dad, but he had left when Sophia was only a baby. She wanted to get to know more things about him, but everytime she tried to talk to her mom about it, her mom would just ignore the question and talk about something else. She grabbed the froot loops cereal package and poured it into the bowl. Sat on the couch, and ate her breakfast while watching the latest news. By the time it was 12:00, her mom had gotten home. "What took you so long mom?" Sophia wondered. "Sorry sweetie, after I dropped ofd your brother I ran into Angela's mom, and we talked for a while, and then I had to run errands." "Oh ok" Said Sophia. 'What have you been doing?" "Oh, nothing really. Pretty much watched TV the whole time." Said Sophia." "Lazy bum!" Said her mom to herself. Suddenly, Sophia got a text on her phone from Angela, telling her to meet her at her house A.S.A.P. "Hey mom is it ok if I go to Angelas for a bit? She says she needs to talk with me." Asked Sophia. "Have you done you're homework?" "No, but ill do it as soon as I get back home...please?" As sophia put a puppy dog look on her face. "Alright, but that homework better be getting done right when you get home." Said her mom. "It will, promise, thanks." As Sophia hugged her mom, and left. 

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