Just a bit of love

Anna hasn't been very lucky in love. But when she meets someone who really wants to be with her, Will she take the risk to be broken again? Or will she run away from it?


1. Chapter 1.

'Why is this happening... Why does this have to happen to me... Why do I have to get attached so quickly to people...' I thought as I sat there with my soon to be ex sitting next to me. We were sitting outside on the front steps of my house. I knew this moment was coming. I was just to trusting...


'Am I doing the right thing?:/'

I looked down at my Ipod reading the words on his Facebook status. The right thing...?My heart sank and my stomach was in knots. What Right thing?... I turned off my Ipod as he walked in the door. I looked over at him. He was holding all of my stuff. My book and sweatshirt that was in his car and the shorts I had let him borrow when he snuck over to sleepover. What was happening... 'Please don't break up with me.. You mean so much to me.. please don't confirm my fears...' I thought as he sat next to me. He kissed me hello and sat down to watch T.V. I sat there next to him not wanting to move. Worried that if I did, Our whole relationship would shatter. In the corner of my eye I saw him look over at me. "What's wrong?" He asked casually. As he spoke I could only think of the times we spent together. I shook my head to tell him nothing was wrong. Well that a lie. He shrugged and started playing on his phone. 'If this relationship is going to end, I don't want my last memory to be me hiding from him on the couch.' So I scooted over closer to him and laid my head on his shoulder. I went back and forth between watching him play his game and watching the T.V. *BING BING* his phone chimed. He had a new message. Of course it was someone wanting him to come in early. He groaned and got up. "I have to get ready." he muttered as he walked out the door to get his clothes. I sighed and went back to my original spot on the couch. After he was changed he Kissed me goodbye and left. "Wow. No talking. New record." I said aloud. *ZZZZZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZZ* My phone vibrated.

Brad:'What was wrong. and dont tell me nothing.'

I had to know... Me: Were you going to break up with me?'

Brad: ' No, why would you think that?'

I breathed a slight sigh of relief. Me:'Your status.?'

Brad:'No that wasnt about you.' I wasnt sure if he was being honest or not... But I would take it. Oh only if I would have done it myself..

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