Sirius Black and the deathly hallows

Sirius is helping Harry to find the deathly hallows with Ron and Hermione. He is glad to help and finds himself and Harry in a deathly battle? Will everything go as planned? Or will lord Voldamort catch up with Sirius this time???



The massive tent was up, the decorations were set and the flowers put out. Everyone helped in putting it all together and by the end of the day, although it was dark, everyone thought it looked wonderful. Earlier in the day, Fleur had gone away to stay where her parents were staying, Lupin and Tonks went home, Hagrid also went home and that just left the Weasleys, Harry and Sirius and Hermione. 

"Sirius can I have a word?" Asked Harry.

"Of course! What is the problem?" Harry and Sirius went outside to talk in private under the tent. 

"Sirius, Dumbledore left me a job to do and I shall complete it for him, but it's also for the safety of our kind and the muggles. But I'm scared. I don't know where to start, I don't know whether to go by myself or who to go with? What do you think I should do?"

"Well. Harry, you came to the right guy! I'll come with you! I wouldn't let you roam around, on the run from Voldamort by yourself! I know what Dumbledore has asked you to do and it sounds rather dangerous to me. Ron and Hermione should come too! It will be great to spend time with you Harry for once!" Sirius explained. Harry gave an unconvincing smile and Sirius asked him, "what is troubling you Harry? If we find these things we will destroy Voldamort! On the way I want to get Pettigrew too, the little rat!!" 

"Yeh, that's cool, but I'm scared for people's lives! If you three come with me, you could get killed or captured or tortured! I don't want that to happen. The cruciatus curse is horrible! Worst pain ever and I don't want anyone to go through that or anything else!" Harry looked down at his shoes and felt sad. 

"Harry! Look we will have fun tomorrow! Then we will leave here TOGETHER and we will find the horcruxes TOGETHER. Come on inside" Sirius got up and pulled Harry with him. He put his arm on Harry's shoulder and went with him back to the house. As soon as they got in, Mrs.Weasley pushed them toward the dinner table and they all ate together. 

Everyone chatted and laughed throughout dinner. It was an enjoyable length of time. Everyone forgot about their worries and spoke excitedly of the plans for the next day and how fun it would be. They retreated to the living room after a while and the atmosphere was good, no tension or sadness. 

Hermione and Ginny talked about what they were wearing as they sat in front of the fire together. Arthur and Sirius were in deep conversation about the order of the phoenix and how it was doing, Bill and Molly were chatting with Ron about what he had to do the next day and Harry sat listening to all of them. Fred and George were nowhere to be seen, so Harry decided to go and find them. Sure enough, he found them in the attic above Ron's room. 

"Hey guys" they went to hide their stuff but realised it was Harry.

"Hey Harry! Want to see our new stuff? The shop has been doing really well but we have started to think of some new stuff to keep people coming to the shop." Fred pointed towards a weird black box that seemed to do nothing. Fred touched one corner and in a flash it became a large gushing chocolate fountain. "Good ay? George thought of that one!"

"Wow that's really cool! Anything else?" Harry asked. George then gave Harry a a sock. "What is -" but George cut him off. 

"Turn it inside out and see" surely enough, Harry turned the sock inside out, only to be hit square in the face by a massive gloved fist.

"OUCH!" Harry said rubbing his nose, "yeh that's a good one too!" 

"What's bothering you Harry? Speak to us, we will listen" said Fred. 

"It's nothing guys, just the prospect of what is going to come"

"I know how you feel Harry! Bill and Fleurs wedding is a daunting task, but it has to be done!" Said George, humorously. They all laughed. They sat together for a while, talking about ideas for the shop. Harry saw the time and went downstairs to the living room to say goodnight to everyone. 

"Hey, I'm going to bed now. Goodnight." Said Harry and he went to go upstairs. Sirius caught up with him. 

"Goodnight Harry. Exciting day tomorrow! I love weddings. I was your dads best man you know -"

"-I've got the picture-" Harry mumbled.

"-They are great. Fab day that was, seeing your mum and dad join together. Anyway, you get to bed! See you tomorrow!" And Sirius went up the stairs and of to bed. Ron and Hermione joined Harry and they all walked upstairs together. 

"Can't wait for the wedding!" Said Ron.

"Oh, it will be beautiful!" Sighed Hermione. Ron and Harry arrived at their bedroom. They all said goodnight and got dressed for bed. Harry fell asleep quick and had a nightmare free night. 

He dreamt about the wedding but everything was blue! The dress, cake, flowers, the tent and everyone's clothes. 


"Everyone hurry up! Get ready please! We are running slightly late. The vicar is here an Fleur is on her way!" Shouted Arthur at the bottom of the stairs. Harry was already ready and was talking to Ginny in her room.

"Ginny. I'm leaving today. You know that locker I found before the holidays?"

"Yeh Harry, it's a horcrux right? Are you going to try and find more? Are there anymore?" 

"Yes. It's a horcrux and there are 
4 more to find" 

"That's going to be hard if they are anywhere. Oh come on dads shouting us again." They both left Ginnys room and went outside. 

"Good morning Harry!" Shouted Sirius. "You look good! How do I look?" Sirius was wearing black leather shoes, plain black trousers, a maroon waist coat and jacket and a black shirt. 

"Good morning, yeah, you look good" said Harry. He was wearing virtually plain black and white suit. 

"You look lovely too Ginny! Hermione does as well, her and Ron are over there" he pointed toward the tent and Harry saw that they were putting out a few chairs under it. 

"Thank you Sirius" said Ginny and they walked off. "Good morning you two. Lovely day isn't it. Is everyone ready now or is dad still running around like a headless chicken?" They laughed.

"Yes it is a lovely day. Everything is sorted now I thinks Bill is already at the alter, and most of the guests are here." Said Hermione. Harry looked over and saw at least 100 people sitting on rows of chairs at the front. "We better all sit down." They all took their seats at the front and waited with the guests. Sirius came and sat next to Harry. 

"Everything is sorted for tomorrow. All ready to go. Hermione has put most of our stuff into that everlasting bag of hers." He gave a hearty laugh. 

"Good. Better to get started quick I guess" Harry replied. He wasn't sure about it all. Taking his godfather and his best friends on a dangerous adventure like this! Anyone could get hurt! 


Everyone was dancing and having a great time. The cake was a lovely 5 tier white, cream and red cake which easily fed all the guests. Along with the lovely food and they were able to get the Weird Sisters to provide the entertainment! Harry was dancing with Ginny but decided to have a break. He sat on the same table as a man he recognised. It was Elphias Doge, he was Dumbledores best friend when they were at school. 

"Hi, your Elphias aren't you? I'm Harry Potter" Harry said. 

"Harry Potter! I know all about you! How are you? Enjoying the wedding?" He asked.

"Yes thanks you. I'm well. You wrote about Dumbledore didn't you. I read it in the daily prophet. I never knew some of those things about him!" Harry answered. 

"Yes. Me and Dumbledore were quite close in the old day. I told the daily prophet the truth and nothing more or less." 

"I thought it was good anyway. Here comes my godfather. Have you met him?" Harry asked. Sirius walked over to them.

"Hey Harry! I haven't seen you in ages! Where have you been hiding? Hello there! You must be Elphias Doge!" Sirius asked. 

"Yes - yes, you must be Sirius Black! I've heard the story about Voldamort and that little Peter! I never would have thought it! I thought you were the murderer! Ha!" Elphias got up and walked away. He seemed nervous around Sirius as many others did. 

"Well even if many of these people know the truth, I still will never be a free man!" Said Sirius. He sat next to Harry. "Are you excited Harry? To bring the dark lord down will be a miracle! These times are dark but us four will make them bright again, will we not?" Sirius was really happy but Harry couldn't keep up the pretence any longer. 

"I'm going alone. That's final! Where is my stuff?" Harry got up and left for the house. He ran up to Ron's bedroom and lay on the bed. Sirius ran in after him. 

"Harry! Don't be silly. This is serious! You won't be able to find them alone!" Sirius argued. 

"Leave me alone! Please just go! I'll die myself but I won't let anyone else!" Harry left again and disappeared. 


"Sirius! Where did he go?-

"-Why did you let him go?-"

"- Are you mad!"
Everyone was asking him questions and pressuring him. 

"HE WILLBE BACK! IT'S NOT MY FAULT! I COULDN'T STOP HIM!" Sirius was past angry. It wasn't his fault. Why would they think that? Lupin moved forward and put a hand on Sirius' shoulder. 

"What happened Sirius? Why did he leave?" He said calmly. 

"He wants to go alone! He would rather die than see one of us die! He's only a child!" Sirius began to whimper but in a flash he turned into the dog and ran for it. 

"I'll find Harry!" He thought. He ran and ran, up to the meadow where Ron plays quidditch, down into the little village. "He can't have gone far! He can't have!" He ran over the fields and towards a rather large tree. He walked silently and got to one side of the tree. He sat and heard someone crying. He crept around the large tree trunk and nudged Harry with his nose.

"I'm sorry Sirius! I just wanted to think about things." Harry kept his head down and looked at the floor. Sirius transformed back into a human and sat with him. He didn't speak and neither did Harry. Hours passed and they just sat there. 

"Maybe we should go Harry. The wedding is still happening and everyone is worried about you." Sirius got up and him and Harry walked back to the Burrow. It was a long walk and it took about half an hour to get back. Ginny ran up to Harry. 

"Don't do that again! I was worried, so was everyone else!" She gave him a hug and then retreated away. 

"Ok, you don't need to make a fuss, I just wanted to think that's all. I'm not dead am I?" Harry said slightly angrily. "I'm going to bed". He walked off and got ready for bed. 

"Well" Sirius said with a smile on his face. "That was eventful! Where has everyone gone anyway?" He looked around at Lupin, Arthur and Molly and no one looked pleased. 

"Look at this Sirius!" Arthur handed him a letter.

"Go on up to bed you lot!" Molly said to Fred, George, Hermione, Ron and Ginny. Sirius opened the letter and read:




"What does this mean?" Sirius asked. Arthur stepped forward.

"The ministry has gone down. Harry needs to go tonight or they will find him. Most of the order shall leave and Ron shall stay here until we can prove that Harry is not with them. You take Harry and Hermione and Ron shall apparate to you when he can. Go to your house Sirius! They cannot find you there! Severus cannot go there anymore so there is no way he can lead them to you."

"Ok, I'll go and get them ready." Sirius ran up the stairs and went into Ron's room. "Harry, you need to come with me and Hermione now. We are going to my house and shall hide out there! Hurry we don't have much time!" Harry got up quickly and got redressed and so did Hermione. "Ron you will stay here to prove that Harry is not with you and that you haven't seen him since you left school last year. Then you shall join us at my house when you can. We shall wait for you." Sirius went back downstairs to wait and said his goodbyes. 

"Remus, stay safe. Come to the house when you can mate. I don't want you to get hurt!" Sirius gave him a swift hug. 

"Arthur, thanks for letting me stay here, and keeping us all safe." He shook Arthur's hand and bade a farewell to everyone else. Harry ocame downstairs and did the same.

"See you soon mate" he said to Ron. Sirius, Harry and Hermione went outside.

"Hold my hands you two" Sirius ordered. Hermione took one hand and Harry the other. They burst away from the Burrow spinning quickly. Sirius had done this many times so it was a breeze for him.

They landed with a bump on a house doorstep. It was number 12 Grimmauld Place. 

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