Sirius Black and the deathly hallows

Sirius is helping Harry to find the deathly hallows with Ron and Hermione. He is glad to help and finds himself and Harry in a deathly battle? Will everything go as planned? Or will lord Voldamort catch up with Sirius this time???



Everything went quiet and dark. They all heard the slimy voice and most were scared. 

"Bring me Harry Potter! Do so and you shall be rewarded! Bring me Harry Potter and non shall be harmed! Fail to do so will mean you die! You have one hour!" The lifts became bright again and everyone stared at Harry. 

"Get him! Get him!" Some Slytherins shouted. 

"NO!" Shouted Mcgonogal. "PREFECTS TAKE YOUR STUDENTS TO THE COMMON ROOMS! MR.FILCH TAKE THE SLYTHERINS AWAY AND LOCK THEM IN THE DUNGEONS! HURRY!" Everyone started screaming and panicking but ran for their common rooms as told. The Order moved to the front. 

"Harry!" Mcgonogal came up to him. "What are you looking for?" 

"Professor! I just need lots of time! I'm looking for the lost diadem of Ravenclaw!" Harry pleaded. "Help me!"

"Ok. I can shield the whole castle for the meantime but make sure you don't waste time!" Mcgonogal left.

"Harry! What shall we do?" Hermione asked. 

"Take Ron and the cup down to the chamber of secrets. You can use a basilisk fang to destroy it." Harry turned to Ginny. "Keep yourself safe. Ill get the horcrux and destroy it. We won't need to be in this hell for long." He walked out of the great hall and towards Ravenclaw tower.

"HARRY!" Sirius shouted. "I'm coming with you! I won't let you do this alone." They ran together through the panicking crowds and up to the tower. There the Grey Lady floated. 

"Excuse me. Are you Helena Ravenclaw?" Harry asked. 

"Yes I am. What do you want?" Helena answered.

"I'm looking for your mothers diadem, I need to destroy it." 

"Another boy told me he was going to destroy it once! He lied! How do I know your not lying?" Helena advanced on Harry. Sirius spoke.

"Please Helena. It is a part of that boys sole. Dark, dark magic. We need to destroy it to destroy him."  

"I shall not tell you where it is! I shall give you a riddle." But before she could, Harry and Sirius looked out at the sky. They saw tremedendous lights hitting a shield and big roars of noise. They were destroying it. 

"The riddle is, it is here, In the castle, In the place where everything is hidden. If you have to ask, you will never know. If you know, You need only ask." Harry thought for a moment.

"The Room Of Requirement! Thank you Helena!" Harry exclaimed. He ran to the room of requirement with Sirius. He walked past it three times chanting.

"I need the room where everything is hidden." The doors appeared and Sirius and Harry entered. "I'm looking for a headband type thing Sirius. It will be here somewhere." He split with Sirius and walked around looking for it. It took about twenty minutes and he felt a burning sensation. He looked over and saw a shining tiara on top of a wardrobe. 

Harry used a nearby chair and grabbed the tiara. 

"SIRIUS! I'VE GOT IT. LETS GO!" He ran around and bumped into Sirius. "Let's go." They started walking to the entrance when they saw Draco Malfoy, Blaise and Goyle.

"Oh this is a surprise. Harry Potter! Came to hide in here have you? Little Potter." Draco laughed.

"No actually I have found something to destroy your master, Voldamort."

"He is not my Master! Potter!" He spat. "I want my wand back! I don't have one!" Goyle and Blaise had their wands pointed at Harry and Sirius.

"I don't have it Malfoy. It's in Hermione's bag." Harry pointed out.

"Oh that bottomless thing. Ill go and find her then." He showed a mischievous smile. 

"You leave Hermione alone Malfoy! Your just like your stupid father!" Sirius became angry. "Your nothing! Your just scared! I saw you in Malfoy manor. Your a wimp." 

"Shut up Black! Your nothing but a traitor." Malfoy turned around. Suddenly Ron and Hermione burst through the door. 

"Harry! Sirius! We did it! Well Ron did it actually." Hermione smiled. 

"Ah! Right on que! I want my wand Grainger." Malfoy put out his hand. Hermione and Ron stood with Sirius and Harry. 

"How did you find us?" Harry asked. 

"The map Harry! The Marauders Map. Ron got us into the chamber. He's a genius. He remembered something you had said in parcel tongue." 

"That great Ron!" Sirius exclaimed. 

"Well done mate." Said Harry. Malfoy was still holding out his hand. 

"My wand please Grainger." Harry thought that there was no point arguing. He went into Hermione's bag and got the wand.

"Here. We don't want or need it." He placed another in Draco's hand. "But this one is broke." 

"That's my mothers! Black broke it! At my house!" He threw it back at Harry. "Do you really think I have a use for it? Lets go!" Draco, Blaise and Goyle left. 

"He's stuck up his own arse." Said Ron. They all laughed but got back to the point.

"Right. I have the diadem. Lets destroy it." Harry placed it on the floor and grabbed the fang. He plunged it onto the diadem and out came an ear-splitting scream. Voldamort's head came out of it in black smoke and they l ran away from it. It followed them and they jumped out of the room. The doors shut just in time to keep the horcrux and it's insides in there. 

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