Sirius Black and the deathly hallows

Sirius is helping Harry to find the deathly hallows with Ron and Hermione. He is glad to help and finds himself and Harry in a deathly battle? Will everything go as planned? Or will lord Voldamort catch up with Sirius this time???



They ran where they could and finally came to a balcony. They looked over it and saw Griphook running. He was shouting.


"What a cheat! I knew you shouldn't bargain with goblins." Sirius spat. "Oh merlin! Look over there!" Sirius pointed and Harry, Hermione and Ron all looked over. They all gasped but all thought of the same thing.

"Let's jump on!" Said Hermione. No on moaned about. They ran closer to the dragon and were at a balcony right above it. Shoots of light were flying everywhere. The guards were casting all manor of spells at them and Harry even heard torture and killing spells.

"Let's do it!" Harry shouted. "3.....2.....1!" With that they all heaved themselves onto the dragon and Ron blasted of the manacles. 

"This is a Ukranian Ironbelly!" Shouted Ron. "They are really strong and rare!" The dragon was roaring fire at all of the guards and they couldn't get near enough to use the distraction mechanism to stop the dragon. 

"I'm sorry dragon!" Hermione shouted. She shot a spell at the dragons tail and it roared and started to move upwards. On it went past hundreds of vaults. It crashed through rock and broke the track on which the carts rode. 

"This is amazing!" Shouted Sirius. "What a great escape! Perfect." 

The dragon didn't stop as it followed the path of light to get out. Still the light seemed ages away as they were miles down at the start. But suddenly they CRASHED through the main Gringotts hall and crashed through another wall. 

The dragon sat there for a while and ten stretched it wings and took off. It soared over buildings and up high into the sky. The view was magnificent and the air was a cool breeze. Down below they started to see some lakes and Harry wondered where it was heading.

"I don't think we should be on the dragons back when it lands!" Harry suggested. "Let's jump into the water when it's over a deep looking bit." Everyone nodded and after they all though it was safe enough they jumped. 

"Aaaahhhhhhh!" Harry screamed. Then he plummeted into the ice cold water. He fought to get to the top but suddenly was swept over by a vision.

••••••> Someone was roaring in anger. He walked with his black cloak billowing behind him as his snake followed.  Many people had been killed and their bodies lay around him. Bellatrix and the Malfoy's were there. <••••••

Harry reached the surface and filled his lungs with fresh air. He started to swim towards land. His arms were aching and tired as he dragged himself onto the rocky shore. Sirius helped him up. 

"Are you ok Harry? You look a bit shaken. You took a while to come up. It scared me." Sirius put an arm on Harry's shoulder.

"I'm fine thanks. I had the vision thing. -"

"Harry! You can't let him get to you!"

"Hermione I can't help it sometimes. Anyway. He knows. Voldamort knows we have the cup, he is very angry and he killed all of the Gringotts staff that were in the large hall." 

"That is terrible! Evil, evil, evil!" Hermione shook her head. 

"That's Voldamort for you Hermione. Lets get out of these wet clothes." Sirius got a little tent (big inside) out of Hermione's bag and put it up quickly. "We can change in here. Then figure out what's next. Have you got our spare clothes Hermione?" 

"Yes Sirius. Here you go." She handed Sirius some clothes. "Harry and you Ron." They all went in the tent and got dry and dressed. 

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