Sirius Black and the deathly hallows

Sirius is helping Harry to find the deathly hallows with Ron and Hermione. He is glad to help and finds himself and Harry in a deathly battle? Will everything go as planned? Or will lord Voldamort catch up with Sirius this time???



"Ok. So there are four more horcruxes to find. We have got the sword of Griffindor and three others have been destroyed. You can use the sword to destroy them. However we now have no idea where anymore are and it's now January. Any ideas?" Hermione lectured. 


"-not really-"

"-nope" they all mumbled. 

"We need to figure something out!" Hermione slumped down into a chair and looked distressed. 

"Hermione is right!" Sirius got up and stood in front of everyone. "We need to think of a plan and fast. Do any of the objects lin-" Sirius stopped talking. They could hear voices. 

"Wa's this tent doin ere? Go an av a look boys!" Said a manly voice.

"Snatchers!" Whispered Sirius. "I'll run and distract them! You wait until they have gone and try and defeat them." 


He bolted out of the tent and ran really fast away from the tent. 

"SIRIUS BLACK!" Shouted one of the men. They all started running after him. 

Sirius ran and ran and shot spells behind him. "Is Harry ok?" He thought. He carried on running. He looked behind and saw about 6 men running after him. He shot a stunning spell at a couple of the men. 

"INCARCEROUS! INCARCEROUS!" He shouted at the men. Another person went down. He listened carefully and heard someone say. 

"There are others! Running away!" Sirius stopped dead and turned around. 

"Leave them!" He shouted. "Take me!" One of the men ran up to Sirius an grabbed him. 

"That we will! But were having them as well! Don't you worry." He bound Sirius' hands behind his back and took his wand. He dragged Sirius with him and waited with another man. 

"HA! Sirius Black! What a joke for a man" it was Fenrir Greyback. "I could just bite you now!" 

"Shut up Fenrir!" He struggled but Fenrir smacked him around the face. 

"There's no point strugglin Black! Your goin back where you came from!"

The other four men came back. One had Harry, one Ron and one Hermione. 

"Harry Potter Mr.Greyback sir!" He pushed Harry towards Greyback who grabbed him by his hair. 

"Ow!" Harry said, "let me go!" 

"Let Harry go Fenrir!" Shouted Sirius. He kept a hold of Harry's hair and pointed his wand at his face. With a large foot he kicked Sirius hard in the chest and he fell over. 

"Pick him up!" Said Greyback. Sirius could see the horror in Harry's, Ron's and Hermione's faces. "These lot ain't goin to the ministry. We is takin them to Malfoy Manor." Each man dissaparated and took each person with them. 


They arrived at big black gates and sat behind was a large mansion which looked rather old fashioned and grand. The gates opened and Greyback dragged Harry with him as he was the first to enter. 

"Who is it?" Asked a nasty womanly voice. Harry recognised it to be Bellatrix. 

"Fenrir Greyback ma'am. We have a treat for ya." He gave a horrible evil laugh. Bellatrix then opened the door and peered round. 

"Oh!" She laughed. "You had better come in!" All four were dragged into a large room which didn't seem to have much furniture in. It was more like a grand hallway. "LUCIUS! DRACO! NARCISSA! COME AND LOOK WHAT I'VE GOT." Harry heard footsteps and three people came into the room. 

Lucius rushed up to Harry and looked at him. He gave a laugh.

"It's Harry Potter! I can't believe it. But wait" he moved and went to look at Sirius. "Sirius Black? Well what a surprise. How could anyone call you a criminal? You wastrel! Pettigrew was the real hero!"

"He's nothing more than scum! He betrayed us all!" Said Sirius. 

"If you say so Black. Let them all go. Tie their hands." The one man let go of Sirius. He walked over to Lucius, lifted up his bound hands and smacked him right round the face. Lucius staggered. 

"Go Sirius!" Shouted Harry, Hermione and Ron. 

"SHUT UP!" Shouted Lucius. "What was that for Black? Aww haven't you got a wand to defend yourself? I have." He stepped back, pulled and his wand and shouted,

"CRUCIO!" Harry fell to the feel and gave a loud shout of pain. It was the worst pain ever. Coursing through his every bone. He couldn't hear or see anything and he felt sick.

The pain stopped and he breathed a sigh or relief. Tears ran down his face and he couldn't get up. He saw a blurred Sirius run up to him and fall beside him. 

"Oh god Harry! I'm sorry! I thought he was going to hurt me." He helped Harry up with difficulty but they both stood up. "Your something else Malfoy! What did he do to you? Hu? If I had my wand you wouldn't be standing there I tell you!" 

"Are you ok Harry?" Ron and Hermione asked. 

"Yeh" he replied weakly. 

"Well" Bellatrix came forward. "Now your here we should call him. Draco! Come here!" Harry watched as Draco walked forward. He didn't have that malicious look in his eyes like he did at school. He looked kind of scared. 

"You lot can go now!" Said Lucius and he waved the snatchers away. 

"But I was hoping to keep the girl!" Said Greyback. 

"Just give us whatever you took from them and leave!" He ordered. Greyback threw a bag to him and left with his men. "What's in here then?" Asked Lucius. Draco seemed to have stopped doing what he was doing. 

"Call him Draco!" Said Bellatrix in her cold voice.

"No!" Said Lucius. "Wait. I thought this was in your vault Bellatrix?"

"What? What is it? It's not the-" but when Lucius showed her the sword she looked relieved. She walked over and grabbed it off Lucius. 

"This is a girls bag so it must be yours!" She grabbed Hermione. Hermione gave a little squeal and nodded shyly. 

"WHERE DID YOU GET THIS?" She shouted in Hermione's ear. She looked really frightened and Harry wanted to do something. He, Sirius and Ron were stood together. 

"We found it. On - on the white cliffs." She replied hysterically. 

"NO YOU DIDN'T! You stole it didn't you? Didn't you!" She held Hermione tighter.

"We found it on the white cliffs Bellatrix!" Said Sirius. "Scaring the poor girl. You like that don't you!" Sirius was obviously not scared of her.

"Was I asking you Black? No I wasn't! This stupid girl stole my sword from my vault!" 

"I didn't." Hermione said. Bellatrix yanked her hair back. "Aaahhh!" Hermione's eyes began to well up. 

"Leave her alone!" Shouted Harry and Ron. Bellatrix looked at Hermione. 

"Got some admirers have you?" She gave a shrill laugh. 

"Get on with it Bellatrix!" Said Lucius. 

"Yes master! HA!" She threw Hermione to the floor, who gave a whine of pain. 

"Don't say anything or do anything!" Whispered Sirius. "I'm thinking of a plan." 

"So! You filthy mudblood! Where did you get my sword?!" 

"I-I've t-told you! Please d-don't hurt m-e!" Bellatrix knelt down beside Hermione and pulled out a knife. Harry saw the look of utter terror on Hermione's face. 

"Noo please don't kill me!" Hermione pleaded.

"Oh, I'll leave that for later." She cut Hermione's rope of her wrist, grabbed it and dug the knife into it. Hermione kept screaming but could not pull her arm away.

"STOP!" Sirius shouted. "STOP!" Bellatrix did not. Screaming filled the room and Harry saw the look of discomfort on Draco's face. He looked away. Harry looked at Sirius with a pleading look. 

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Sirius ran towards Bellatrix and kicked her sharply in the side before anyone could react. Bellatrix fell to the floor and dropped her knife. Sirius kicked it to the other side of the room. 

"Everte Statum!" Sirius flew across the room and hit the wall then slid to the bottom. He groaned in pain. 

"Sirius!" Harry whispered. 

"Just do what he said Harry!" Ron replied. 

"Bring me the goblin Lucius!" Bellatrix ordered. Lucius left the room but then returned with a short goblin. "Goblin! Is this the sword of Griffindor?" With a quick look he turned to her and replied. 

"Yes Madam Lestrange."

"Then why, if this mudbloods story is true, is it not in my vault?" 

"The sword can show itself to any worthy Griffindor ma'am."

"Ok-" but Harry stopped listening to Bellatrix. He looked across the room and noticed Sirius was holding her knife behind his back. He was cutting the ropes with the knife. His hands were released but he kept it looking as though they weren't. He held the knife and walked towards Harry and Ron. 

"Grab Hermione's bag." Sirius whispered. He silently cut Ron's ropes and Ron picked up the bag. He then cut Harry's ropes. They all kept their hands behind their backs so that it looked like they were still tied. 

"So! Goblin! Is my other stuff safe?" Bellatrix had grabbed the goblin by the neck of his robes. 

"Yes madam Lestrange. It is impossible to get into a vault without the real owner ma'am." 

"Right, boys. Try and get closer to Hermione." She was lain on the ground and looked to scared to move. "Quickly we don't have much time" Sirius whispered. 

Carefully they moved towards Hermione. Trying not to draw attention. Draco and Lucius Malfoy had left the room for the moment. All the other attention was on the goblin in the far corner of the room. The sword was near Hermione. 

"Hermione? Are you ok? Try and get up." Whispered Harry. Bellatrix and Narcissa had their backs to Harry. He bent down picked up the sword, chucked it to Ron who slipped it into the bag. Then Ron put the bag back on the floor. Harry helped Hermione up and walked back over to Ron and Sirius. 

"Get up you silly girl." Said Bellatrix while she turned around. "Oh you already are. Helping them three were you?!"

"Erm" Hermione choked. "No Miss.Lestrange." 

"Go over there with them! Stupid goblin!" Bellatrix ordered. The little goblin walked over to Harry and stood with them. Lucius and Draco re-entered the room. 

"Call him now Draco!"

"Now!" Sirius whispered. 

"Incarcerous!" Hermione shouted at Bellatrix. "Incarcerous!" At Lucius. Bellatrix and Lucius were bound on the floor. Sirius took Hermione's wand. 

"Now! You boy! Draco. Give me all our wands. I'll kill them if you don't!" He pointed the wand at Lucius and Bellatrix. Draco didn't do anything.

"STUPEFY!" Sirius shouted at Narcissa. Draco pulled up his sleeve and summoned the dark lord. 

Sirius ran towards him, grabbed his wrist and pulled the wands, but one remained. Draco struggled to keep hold of it and then, snap! It broke in two. Sirius pushed Draco away and Draco stumbled backwards. Sirius then ran towards the group. 

"Think of shell cottage, tinworth in Cornwall!" Ron said quickly. The goblin grabbed Sirius' hand and so did Harry. Ron grabbed Hermione's. they all dissapparated. 

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